Thursday, August 26, 2010

Take That 20 years later: Shame by Robbie Williams and Gary Barlow

It's interesting to see how time changes people, yet part of us always remains the same.

When I was a little teen, I went through quite the boy band phase. It lasted for a few years, during which I did many embarrassing things in the name of fandom.

I was mainly into Bros and New kids on the block (I can never quite decide which is worse or more sad), but around 1991 I was also quite taken by Take That.

I wasn't a fan for very long, but long enough to buy their album and see them in concert, and all that other stuff you do when you like a boyband.

I was quite interested (and my 15-year-old self got a little excited too!) to hear Robbie Williams and Take That lead singer Gary Barlow have recorded a duet together.

I kind of like this song, and the video, but the main thing I'm thinking is about how we all get older.

Sure, they still look good, but compared to the young, squeaky clean twenty-somethings they were during their early Take That years, it sure makes a difference.

And I guess they are not the only ones who've gotten older. I am certainly not the same as I was two decades ago.But I like to think I haven't physically aged that much yet. Oh well, give me another decade and we'll see...

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