Monday, February 22, 2010

Skins Season 4 recap – Episode 3: Cook

Episode 3 of Skins was all about Cook, which means a lot of stupid, pointless and aggressive behaviour and very little screen time for our favourite couple Naomily.

Previously on Skins: Emily and Naomi were allowed to be happy and in love for about an episode, before all was destroyed when Emily found out Naomi had been cheating on her with Sophia, who ended up committing suicide.

Those of you who follow Skins for more than the Emily and Naomi storyline, know that Cook is quite the character. He's a loud, annoying, aggressive guy, who's usually up to no good. So when the episode revolves around him, you kind of know what to expect.

Most of the third episode of Skins revolves around Cook beating up things and people for no good reason and generally being a total ass. This time his reckless behaviour actually has consequences, as it looks like he's facing some jail time.

We see very little of Emily and Naomi this episode. The first time we catch them is at the college, where they are sitting in the same corner, but are clearly not happy with one another. Cook suggest they go out together for a "pint and a poke" and "make it a threesome", but not surprisingly, that's not exactly what Naomi and Emily feel like doing.

Later in the episode we see Cook and Naomi talking to each other. Naomi is saying how bad she feels about Sophia dying, and she admits to Cook she cheated on Emily with Sophia. She feels really bad about it, especially how she hurt Emily, and she should.

Cook doesn't seem to care too much about it, but the next day he goes to visit Naomi to talk about it. We see Naomi sitting in her bedroom, while Emily is asleep in her bed. I don't quite get why Emily is still there. I mean, I know she wanted to move out, but is staying with your girlfriend who cheated on you really better than staying with your parents?

Naomi gets a text message and looks out of the window to see Cook standing there. She goes outside to talk to him and together they sit on a blanket and drink from a bottle of wine and talk. They talk about what happened with Sophia and basically about how much it sucks to be them right now.

Naomi kisses Cook on the cheek and then they are kissing on the lips. I am all ready to start shouting at the screen, but it seems like that is as far as it's going to go.

Next Naomi puts her head on Cook's shoulder and they stare into the distance while the sun is coming up. We know the writers are really not going to go there when Cook proclaims, "For F's sake, I'm never going to get to bone you, am I?"

That's all the screen time Naomi and Emily get this episode. More stuff happens with Cook, the most important being that he takes the fall for Naomi and tells the police it was him, and him alone, who gave Sophia the drugs.

Next time: Episode 4 is all about Katie, so the teaser didn't give us much information about Naomily, besides the fact that they apparently have a fight and/or sex in the kiddie pool.

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Holly said...

I just don't like Cook at all. How could they. I haven't gotten to watch this season as of yet. So I'm kind of making my own stuff at the moment..doubt I'm no where close..but its fun.