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Portrait: Swedish soccer player Jessica Landström

As I have already mentioned on many occasions, I am not much of a sports fan. In fact, I hardly ever play or watch sports and I know pretty much nothing about the topic. However, I do have a great appreciation for women who play sports, especially when it comes to tennis and soccer. So I thought the Women's Euro 2009 was the perfect excuse to tell you all about my favourite soccer player Jessica Landström.

Jessica Landström is a 24-year-old professional Swedish soccer player who is not only very hot, but also an out queer woman. Let’s get her soccer credentials out of the way first and then we can focus on the important stuff.

Landström plays in the Swedish national league for Linköpig FC as well as for the national team. She was also present during the Women’s Euro. She started off on the bench (she has just recovered from a shoulder injury), but at later matches we actually got to see her play. Well, at least some of the time, as I think she played two halves of the final two games for Sweden.

Photo by Robin Nordlund/Bildbyrån

Previously she played for Sweden’s national team in an Olympic qualifying match against Denmark in 2007 and four additional games during the 2008 Olympics. In addition, the Forward was voted best breakthrough player at the Swedish football awards last year.

When she is not playing soccer, the Swedish hottie is busy studying Mechanical Engineering at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. Beauty and brains, what more could you possibly desire in a dream woman? Well, she also happens to be 1.80 m tall. Interesting.

Photo by Paola Svensson

Even though it’s very likely that there are quite a number of lesbian and bisexual soccer players, unfortunately only very few are out, including Landström. Landström came out publicly back in November of last year. In an interview with Swedish magazine QX, Landström said that she has always been out to friends and family, just not to the entire world.

Even though her partner Sara was sometimes mentioned in newspaper articles about her, she never openly talked about the nature of their relationship in the press before. Because her partner had been so supportive of her and her career, Landström decided it was about time she acknowledged her properly. The couple has been together for about two years now.

Photo from

Unfortunately, Jessica Landström doesn’t have her own personal website (yet), but you can find out more about her through her soccer club Linköpig FC. Or you can just continue reading eurOut, as I am sure I will let you know in case anything exciting (no matter how trivial) happens in her life.

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