Friday, August 7, 2009

Upcoming album: Tea & Sympathy by Billie Myers

When I think of British singer Billie Myers the first thing that comes to mind is her 1997 hit single Kiss the rain. I loved that song back then, and I still love it to this day.

In the late nineties Kiss the rain from Myers’ debut album Growing Pains was a huge hit all over the world. The follow up single Tell Me did pretty well too (also a great song I have to say), and what followed was a world tour, appearances on lots of TV shows, her songs being used in numerous TV series (including Dawson’s Creek), and finally Myers also did some acting (Wasteland, Purpose).

Her second record Vertigo released in 2000 was also received well, but wasn’t nearly as successful as Growing Pains. After that things got a little more quiet. Myers did release a few more songs (including Just Sex, which was a club hit back in 2005) and focused on doing some acting. So she never really went away, but the general public lost sight of her, at least I did.

Now she is busy making a pretty successful come back. A few weeks ago Myers released a new single I hope you're happy now through iTunes. I have to say, it is yet another song of Myers I really enjoy, which is kind of surprising as it is not necessarily the kind of music that I usually listen to. Perhaps with good songs the exact genre matters less.

The single will be followed by a new studio album Tea & Sympathy which will be released later this month on her own record label Fruit Loop records.

On the Tea & Sympathy album Myers worked with people like Marcella Detroit (Shakespeare’s sister) and Kirstin Hall (Sugarland). The album was produced by Dee Adam, which according to Myers’ website “has fashioned a unique collage of sound that intertwines electronica, trip-hop beats, and bluesy guitars around her live acoustic/rock roots.”

Like on her previous albums, Myers is not afraid to lay bare her emotions and sing about very personal issues like self-esteem (Anonymous), infidelity (You send me flying) and defeated Hollywood dreams (Lady Jane).

From what I’ve heard of the album so far, my favourite tracks, besides the single, are Not another love song and Painfully happy. This is one of those albums I’m looking forward to getting my hands on. What about you? Will you add Tea & Sympathy to your iTunes library?

You can listen to some of her new and old songs on her website, as well as on her MySpace page.

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