Wednesday, August 19, 2009

New German lesbian crime web series: Emma Stahl

When we gave you an overview of lesBian web series a few weeks ago, we said it was just a matter of time before more great European queer web series would see the light of day. The latest European web series to launch a website, after British web series Far Out, comes from no other country than Germany.

The web series in question is entitled Emma Stahl by producer Sandra Uredat. The show is about a bad ass female special agent, who loves adventure and beautiful women. Or as the official press release summarizes:

“Emma Stahl is a special agent for the fictional European police unit EuForce. This elite team fights organized crime in Europe. When normal police action does not go anywhere, Emma Stahl is called. Her bosses tolerate her unorthodox methods grudgingly as long as they lead to success.

Emma Stahl is addicted to adventure and beautiful women. A sometimes fatal weakness.”

Now doesn’t that get you excited? I am a huge fan of crime shows, films, books, you name it, as long as it has strong, interesting, hot leading women. Therefore, I cannot wait for this web series to start airing.

When exactly this will be depends on the funding they receive, as this web series, like many others, will be produced independently, with a crowd-funded budget. Once the series is completed, it will be shown on the Emma Stahl website, as well as during special preview parties that they are planning to hold in different cities where people have sponsored the project the most.

The web series will be in German with English subtitles, but after the series is released everyone is welcome to add their own subtitles in the language they want. Besides being able to watch Emma Stahl on their website, it will also be made available for download.

Producer Sandra Uredat has worked in TV and radio for the past 15 years. Her reason for making this web series is because she believes that, “there are not enough lesbian heroes in the movies.” I couldn’t agree more.

You can find out more about Emma Stahl on their website (so far it’s only in German, but they will add an English section soon), including more information on how you can donate to get this awesome project completed even sooner.

This article was first posted on eurOut.

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