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Los hombres de Paco recap: Episode 8.11 – the Pepsi wedding

Previously on LHDP: Silvia asked Pepa to marry her and Pepa accepted. They then told all their friends, family and co-workers and everyone was happy for them. Pepa and Silvia got into a bit of an argument and conquered a few doubts, then luckily all was good in Pepsi land again.

This episode was all about Pepa and Silvia’s wedding. In true Los hombres de Paco fashion, this was by no means an ordinary or boring wedding.

The episode starts a day before the wedding and we see Silvia who is talking about love. She is reminiscing about her and Pepa’s story, talking about how they are getting married tomorrow and it’s basically all good and wonderful and perfect. That’s my interpretation and by no means a literal translation.

We get treated to clips from some of their sweetest and hottest scenes together. They also just look so happy. Unlike most LHDP episodes, happy is definitely the theme of this episode.

Silvia and Pepa are playing footsie under the table and Pepa suggests they should rehearse their wedding night. Nice one, Pepa! We then watch our two favourite women hold each other’s hand, dance, caress each other and be happy the way only a couple who’s about to get married can be happy. It’s all very romantic and also very hot.

The rest of the people from the police station are all very busy with preparations for the wedding. Of course, in true LHDP fashion lots of stuff goes wrong or the weirdest things happen. For example, they lose Don Lorenzo’s car, which is supposed to be the car Silvia and Pepa are getting married in. Apparently someone stole it, which is kind of problematic as there are some bad guys stuffed in the trunk. Don’t ask.

Meanwhile Pepa is saying some bad things about Silvia and that she is not getting married. Just as I start to get worried I find out it is all a joke. Yes, Pepa and her weird sense of humour again. Silvia told her to go change with the men and that’s really why she is at Don Lorenzo’s house. Also, not that funny. Well, maybe a little.

Later on there’s a very sweet scene between Pepa and Don Lorenzo (Silvia’s dad). He’s saying he is really happy for hem and Pepa admits she has no idea how to Waltz and well, she should be able to dance on her own wedding. Don Lorenzo decides to teach her, but Pepa insists she has to learn it in a way that she can lead. So they dance together and they are happy.

They find Don Lorenzo’s car again, complete with two bodies in the trunk. Some Italian cops show up too and there is some talk about the mafia. By the way, there is often mafia talk on this show, but I usually skip it in my recaps. Unless it’s relevant. You’ll find out why it is relevant later.

Pepa and Rita are putting Pepa’s make up on and they are being very happy about the wedding. Meanwhile we see Silvia doing an autopsy in her wedding dress. Is it wrong for me to say I find that kinda hot?

Pepa calls Silvia and tells her to come to the place of the wedding, but Silvia who is still in the lab, tells her she has some work to do. I am slightly confused why all of a sudden Silvia is such a workaholic that she would almost miss her own wedding. Perhaps the writers also just liked seeing Silvia doing autopsies in her wedding dress.

It turns out Pepa was phoning from outside the lab. She comes in and Silvia gets a little angry with her, because Pepa is not supposed to see her in her wedding dress, bad luck and all. There’s a lot of talking –while they are standing with their backs to each other so not to see each other’s dress. Very cute - and Pepa just wants her to leave the lab.

They kiss and caress each other with their eyes closed, so as not to bring on any bad luck. LHDP wouldn’t be LHDP if they were not interrupted by some guy. Luckily this time it’s just Don Lorenzo who wants to know if they are ready. When Pepa leaves Silvia tells him she just wants to quickly finish the autopsy. It’s all about priorities.

Finally it is time for the actual wedding. Pepa and Silvia are both looking very pretty and are smiling at each other. Smiling is an understatement as they are beaming with happiness. In fact, pretty much everyone there is happy and excited.

The ceremony starts and the women exchange rings and say I do. There really isn’t much more to say about it, so I will just let the screencaps tell you what took place.

Just as they have made it official we see a lot of mafia guys with guns getting close. And the “will be continued” notice comes on the screen. Damn. Well, at least Pepa and Silvia are now officially married.

Next time on LHDP: Lots and lots of stuff is happening, including much shooting and craziness at the wedding ceremony. It looks like one of the people getting shot is Silvia. Uh oh! This will be the season finale, so an almost-dead-lesbian cliff hanger is not outside the realm of possibilities. Let’s hope for the best.

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Two screencaps that didn’t make it into the recap:

Silvia in her wedding dress doing an autopsy

Are we watching Los hombres de Paco or Buffy the Vampire slayer?

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