Friday, July 31, 2009

How tolerant are the Dutch really? - A study into “homotolerance” in sports

Now and then we hear reports of how homophobic the professional sports world is or how few athletes are actually out, even though we all know that there are plenty of lesbian sports women, especially when it comes to some sports like tennis, soccer or handball.

What we don’t know much about is how things are when it comes to regular non-professional sports environments. How tolerant and accepting are those places? And just how many lesBian women can be found there?

This week a research report was presented about a Dutch study into gay tolerance in sports. The study was conducted by request of Stichting Homosport Nederland, the organisation for everything that is queer in the Dutch sports world.

The report shows a detailed account of the number of non-straight men and women participating in different kind of sports activities, as well as their experiences with gay tolerance and/or homophobia. In addition, the study looked into acceptance and tolerance of queer team mates by straight people.

Acceptance and openness sexual orientation

When it comes to sexual orientation, luckily the majority of queer men and women have no problem with self-acceptance, but they do think there are still plenty of people who do have issues with homosexuality. Lesbians and gay men are much more open about their sexual orientation than bisexuals, this applies to the sports environment, as well as their entire social circle.

The graph below shows the percentage of people of which no one in a certain social category knows about their sexual orientation, divided by gender and sexual orientation.

Social categories in the graph are family, friends & acquaintances, colleagues & fellow students, fellow sport

When we purely focus on the women, you can see that they are doing pretty well, apart from the high percentage of bisexual women who isn’t out at work and especially in the sports environment. In the report possible explanations for are mentioned like the kind of sports bisexuals engage in, as well as their relatively higher age.

To me a much more obvious reason is that there’s probably often less need for bisexuals to come out, especially when they are not currently dating someone of the same sex.

Queer participation in sports
Results show that lesbians and bisexual women play sports and are part of sports clubs as much as straight women (there were differences for men). The only difference found in the kinds of sports was Aerobics, which not surprisingly is much more popular under straight women.

There is a difference in their reasons for playing sports. Lesbians more often than straight women list competitiveness and tension release as why they engage in sports activities.

Interesting to note is that hardly anyone is a member of a specific gay sports club, the main reason for this being that queer men and women don’t feel the need for this (60%) or because they aren’t aware of any gay sports club near their homes (25%).

Acceptance of homosexuality in sports
In general, people are very accepting of homosexuality in the sports environment. However, it really depends on how you define acceptance. 75% of all straight respondents said they had no problem taking a shower with someone who is gay, 80% is ok with their kids having gay trainers, and 71% thinks something should be done about derogatory gay remarks during sports.

However, most people seemed accepting of gays and lesbians, “as long as it wasn’t too visual and obvious.” I am not sure how it is in other countries, but that sounds like the typical Dutch view. Everyone is so very tolerant, as long as they don’t have to see it or deal with too much.

25% of straight respondents took offense to same sex kissing at sports venues (and even as high as 50% were negative about two men kissing). A detail that also isn’t very promising is that those that actually knew of gay men and lesbians at their sports club where less tolerant about same-sex PDA than those who never see any gays.
62% of lesbians think being lesbian is no issue in sports, but figures are much lower for men. In addition, 35% of all queer men say they are used to hearing derogatory gay slang being used during sports events.

Moreover, 25% of queer respondents said they’d witnessed some kind of negative incident to do with sexual orientation. Most often reported incidents were jokes or comments about sexual orientation that were supposed to be funny, but were really offensive.

All in all this study shows promising results, but I think we still have a long way to go. The sports environment seems to be a good reflection of Dutch society as a whole. There is a lot of acceptance and openness when it comes to sexual orientation, but hopefully the next step will be towards normalizing visibility of queer couples in the same way as we view straight couples every day.

This article was first published on eurOut.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

YouTube Thursday: Favourite cover songs part IV

Here is the fourth and final part of my favourite cover songs.

Gary Jules – Mad world (Tears for Fears)

Brandi Carlile – Creep (Radiohead)

Indigo Girls – Romeo & Juliet (Dire Straits)

Nirvana – The man who sold the world (David Bowie)

Beck – Everybody’s got to learn some time (the Korgis)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I’ve been a little preoccupied lately, with lots of stuff really. Mainly fun stuff. But it’s not good for my blogging. There are many great topics I have opinions on and I would love to share with you, but I just can’t seem to find the time.

So bare with me if I don’t deliver the same amount of daily awesomeness that you’re used to. It’s just real life keeping me way too entertained.

The same applies to those of you who are still waiting for me to write you a long ass email. It's coming...soon...I hope :)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Melrose Place: the Ella connection

Have you seen this trailer yet for Melrose Place – the Ella connection? No, well then check it out. In case you have, why not watch it again.

Now doesn’t that look like fun? Seriously…it looks like a hot mess, in all the good ways. I’ll be sure to tune in when it starts airing in September. Well, you know, not actually tune in, but illegally watch the episodes on my laptop.

I really enjoyed Melrose Place the first time around. Ok to be honest, I was more of a Beverly Hills 90210 fan. After all, I was only 12 or something when the shows first started airing. I did watch most episodes though.

I mainly remember the awesome place these guys lived with the pool in the middle. Billy and Alison who taught me that you can never “just be friends” and Matt the gay guy who mainly showed me that being gay was boring, lonely and dangerous.

Still, it had some great dramatic content and the thought of it being remade, only more dramatic is just very exciting. Actually, I wasn’t that into it yet until I saw the trailer. You can call me shallow or a bad lesbian, but I always do enjoy a nice three way storyline.

Everyone is pretty, everyone is hot, and you know that everyone is going to be stupid and get it on with everyone else. Some say it will be a guilty pleasure, I say why feel guilty? I will be watching and enjoying every second of it, no matter how bad it will be.

Will you be watching?

Monday, July 27, 2009

A look in my bookcase

I love reading. I read just about anything, well, fiction mostly. I must have read thousands of books and I am the proud owner of hundreds of them. Mainly paperbacks. I love paperbacks, especially if they have cool covers.

There might be the saying ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’ but I always do and haven’t been disappointed ever. If I really like the cover chances are I will love the book too and vice versa. Ok there have been a few exceptions, but it holds for the most part.

As you can see from one of my bookcases (Yes, that’s a Billy bookcase from IKEA) I am a big fan of suspense and crime novels. They are just such a fun read, there’s suspense, there’s usual a serial killer, some gore, and a socially not functioning too well detective or PI.

If in addition it is also written really well and has an original twist to this theme it quickly moves up in my favourite book list. The other kind of books I seem to have a lot of are –not very surprisingly – queer books.

By now I have quite a few books with lesbian storylines. Some are really really good (like books by Sarah Waters or Nicola Griffith, and other gems like Pages for you and Hannah on my mind) and some are really really bad (I have a lot of lesbian pulp from Naiad press that makes Harlequin novels look good).

In addition, I also have a lot of novels about gay men. Again, some good ones (Maurice by E.M. Foster, The Salt point by Paul Russell), but also a lot of average stuff I bought when I was younger and desperate for any content that wasn’t straight.

I also like the few kids books I own, including Het grote boek van Madelief one of my favourite novels when I was little. Don’t worry, there’s some classic literature there too like Animal Farm, 1984, Pride & Prejudice and The complete works of Shakespeare.

What’s in your bookcase?

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Because you’re hot: Clea Duvall

I´ve always had a thing for Clea Duvall, ever since I saw her in But I´m a cheerleader. Actually, even before that. I remember seeing her in that not-so-very-good teen horror movie the Faculty.

After that I watched her in many other stuff like as a shine innocent girl in the oh-so-weird show Carnival, as a cop on Heroes, as a musician in Itty Bitty Titty Committee, and of course who can forget her as the invisible girl on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

There hasn’t been a performance by Clea I didn’t like. She is a really good actress and I don’t understand why we don’t get to see more of her, or at least in bigger roles.

Besides the fact that she’s a really great actress I happen to think she’s really hot. There is just something about her. The look, that smile, those freckles. Hmmmm…

Friday, July 24, 2009

LesBian Web Series – Part 1: Introducing some favourites

Lesbian and bisexual characters on television still seem to be a rarity and the ones we do have tend to be killed off sooner or later. Luckily these days we are no longer depended on our televisions for some lesbian entertainment.

There is a whole world of utopian lesBian goodness available for us on the internet. You could take that in lots of different ways, but I was talking about this great new development called web series.

Even though the concept isn’t exactly new and web series have been around for a while, it is only in the last few years that they have become really popular. Part of the increase in popularity has to do with the improved technology, which makes it relatively easy and inexpensive to create your own web series.

This can be especially appealing if you want to tell stories that might not necessarily get picked up by television networks, like those that prominently feature lesBian characters and storylines.

I want to introduce you to three of my favourite lesBian web series that I enjoy watching very much and I hope you will too.

Anyone But Me

Anyone But Me still: Vivian and Aster

Anyone But Me is the web series by Susan Miller (the L word, Thirtysomething) and Tina Cesa Ward about “a new generation seeking love and belonging in the post 9/11 age."

It tells the story of 16 year old Vivian who moves from the big city to the suburbs, leaving behind all that was familiar; her school, her friends and her girlfriend Aster. Being a teenager and figuring out who you are is hard enough, let alone having to do it while trying to fit into a completely new environment, yet at the same time holding on to those old connections.

Anyone But Me trailer

Vivian and Aster are the cutest lesbian couple ever. I love watching them be all sweet together and I love them even more when they struggle to make their relationship work. There is something about this portrayal of first love that is so familiar and recognisable; it sometimes makes it painful to watch because it reminds you so much of what it was like when you were first coming out.

I have always enjoyed teen shows, but these days I mostly catch them for the cute lesbian couples. What I like about Anyone But Me is that it is just a really good web series, where all the characters are very likeable and you are rooting for them just as much as for the lesbians. You can catch up on the entire first season here.

B.J. Fletcher: Private Eye

B.J. Fletcher: Private Eye still: Fletch and George

I loved B.J. Fletcher: Private Eye from the minute I saw it. To be more precise, it happened at 0:46 minutes into the first episode when during the intro I watched Fletch get stuck in a tree. OMG, could anyone be more clumsy and clueless?!

This web series created by Regan Latimer revolves around B.J. Fletcher, a very clumsy, stubborn, unprofessional, yet very loveable PI and her sidekick, best friend George. Together they solve crimes the best way they can, and try to balance this with their love lives.

As with any crime solving team that spends a lot of time together, soon enough they start to realize who they really want is each other.

B.J. Fletcher: Private Eye trailer Season 2

I am a big fan of crime shows and good humour, and I am definitely enjoying B.J. Fletcher: Private Eye on both counts. So far there have been two seasons of the web series and it looks like there is much more to come.

As we reported earlier this week, B.J. Fletcher: Private Eye got themselves a development deal, meaning you will soon be able to see this great show on television. Well, only if you live in Canada I guess. This is great news and just goes to show that there is a market for quality shows about lesbian private investigators.

Seeking Simone


Seeking Simone still: Simone

Online dating is something many of us have experience with. You might not have met the love of your life that way (or maybe you have?), but it has probably made you some fun and embarrassing experiences richer. Now there’s a new web series all about the fun and horrors of online dating: Seeking Simone created by Renée Olbert and Rosemary Rowe.

Their tagline is “Online dating has never been so gay” and I couldn’t agree more. In the two episodes that have aired so far, we could watch Simone get convinced by her best friend Audrey to try online dating and she even had her first - not so very successful - date. And from the trailer it looks like there are many more dates to come.

Seeking Simone trailer

The highlights of Seeking Simone for me so far are definitely the Buffy shrine (So funny!) and the actual first date, because that somehow seemed very familiar to me. I only hope I won’t feel the same about all of Simone’s dates, unless they are really fun. You can watch the current and upcoming episodes here.

Check back for Part II of lesBian web series next week.

This article was first published on eurOut.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

YouTube Thursday: Favourite cover songs part III

Yes, more cover songs. Because you can never have too much of a good thing. Agree? Then check out part I and part II.

Orgy – Blue Monday (New Order)

Sinead O’Connor – Nothing compares to you (Prince)

Evanescence - Heart shaped box (Nirvana)

the Murmurs – White Rabbit (Jefferson’s Airplane)

Sonic Youth – Superstar (the Carpenters)
Click here for the song.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Pretty Picture Tuesday: a beautiful sky

As most of you probably already know I like going for walks. I am very lucky that I live just at the edge of the city where there’s a lot of opportunities for nice walking. I find it very relaxing to walk around here. It’s nice and quiet and I also think it’s kind of pretty.

Especially the sky. Most days I love looking at the sky and the clouds in particular. Sunsets are a favourite, but also slightly earlier than that I love the way it looks.

If I had a better camera or I was a better photographer these photos might actually show you how pretty they sky looked when I took these pictures.

Monday, July 20, 2009

A Fine Frenzy: Surprisingly good

Regularly I get send promotional stuff about music, films and other stuff of known or lesser known artists. Sometimes this includes very cool stuff – like when I got to preview the latest Indigo Girls album before everyone else, but often it’s about artists or movies I really don’t care about.

Now and then you get a nice surprise.

When I saw the cover art of the latest album by A fine frenzy I wasn’t very impressed. I thought it was just another boring cute girl singing boring cute girl songs. But I decided to check out her MySpace Page anyways, and I am so glad that I did.

I found some very nice tunes. Like, for example...

My Almost Lover

Come on, come out

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Los hombres de Paco recap: Episode 8.12 – the season finale AKA the bloodbath

Previously on LHDP: Silvia and Pepa got married. It was all beautiful and lovely until some Italian Mafia guys showed up.

WARNING: This recap is no fun, light reading for several reasons. It might make you want to scream or cry.

The episode pretty much picks up where they left things last episode, right at Pepa and Silvia’s wedding ceremony. Everyone is happy and celebrating the new couple. Have a good look at these screencaps of Pepa and Silvia being all happy and in love, as you might need it to get through the rest of this recap.

There’s suspense music playing indicating that something bad is about to go down, as we watch more and more Mafia guys approaching the place of the wedding ceremony. Luckily, happiness is allowed to continue for just a little while longer.

Silvia throws her bouquet into the crowd and Rita catches it, while Pepa’s flowers are caught by Mariano. We hear a noise that sounds like shots being fired, but it turns out it’s only fire crackers. Talk about annoying foreboding.

Rita suggests one of the girls should give a speech, but Pepa says Don Lorenzo should give one instead. Don Lorenzo does and says he was the first to see them kissing together all those years ago during Silvia’s communion.

Then it’s Paco’s turn and he basically orders Pepa and Silvia to love each other and be happy. Then Lucas (Silvia’s former and Sara’s current husband) shows up and it isn’t awkward at all. He’s bought Silvia a beautiful bracelet and Pepa a huge gun. Yes, that’s what I’d get someone as a wedding present too.

It’s time for food so everyone goes to the dining room and sits down at a huge table where the celebration dinner is about to start. Because of everyone’s complicated love lives it’s not that easy to figure out who should be sitting where. More awkwardness ensues.

Pepa tries to make things less awkward by starting some conversation with Lucas about his stay in the United States. Then others start making random supposedly funny comments that don’t make things better at all. This is when Aitor decides to be a total jerk and make some dumb comment as he gets up from the table to get himself a beer. Lucas joins him, while Sara runs out for a smoke.

Meanwhile things at the dinner table are getting more and more tense. The happy wedding euphoria seems to be forgotten as everyone’s too preoccupied with all the other romantic involvements that are going on.

Everyone wonders what is taking Sara, Lucas and Aitor so long. Silvia decides to get up to investigate. That’s when we hear a gun shot. Everyone looks around to see what has happened, and it turns out that Silvia has been shot in her stomach. Both Pepa and Don Lorenzo shout Silvia’s name.

That’s when bullets start flying all around and everyone ducks to the ground for cover. Saying there is a lot of gun fire is an understatement. The Mafia guys are shooting everything to pieces. Good thing Lucas got Pepa a gun as she can really use one right now.

More shooting and more people getting shot, although mainly bad guys and waiters so far. Time for damage control. Pepa gives her gun to Montoya and helps Don Lorenzo take Silvia out of the dining room and into the cellar. They make her lie down so they can check her wound.

Silvia being a doctor is advising them how to best deal with her injuries. She tells Pepa to find some scissors so they can cut open her wedding dress. Don Lorenzo starts cutting away at the now very blood covered wedding dress. It doesn’t look good.

Silvia asks for a mirror so she can look at the hole in her stomach. She tells Rita all the stuff that she needs for Don Lorenzo to operate on her. While Rita goes to find the things they need, Pepa gives Silvia some rum and Don Lorenzo checks the first aid kit.

Don Lorenzo gives Silvia something that should pass as a local anaesthetic, all the while listening to Silvia giving him instructions on how to operate on her and get the bullet out. She even has time to make a joke about the wedding cake and to tell Don Lorenzo he will do great as she knows how good he is at carving a turkey. Who says you can’t have fun while you’re laying on the floor bleeding to death?

Others are shot too, but how cares, Silvia is hurt! Mariano comes up with the brilliant idea to go talk to the Mafia guys to make them stop shooting. He is told that that is never going to work, because it is the Mafia after all. They decide to go outside and shoot everything that moves.

It looks like Silvia has passed out. Pepa is shaking and crying. Don Lorenzo grabs hold of her and tells her to pull it together. They talk about how neither of them can imagine a life without Silvia. Now they are both crying.

Pepa says she can’t deal with this, doesn’t want to deal with seeing the person she loves more than anything lying there bleeding to death. She is scared and says she can’t do it, but Don Lorenzo tells her they have to make sure she wakes up so Silvia can tell them how to remove the bullet.

That’s when Silvia opens her eyes. Yep, she’s not dead yet. She starts advising her dad bout how to use the razor to cut her open. Don Lorenzo is shaking too much and Pepa decides to take over trying to cut the bullet out of Silvia. Not exactly the sort of thing you imagine doing to your wife on the wedding day. Pepa kisses Silvia softly before she grabs the blade and starts cutting into her.

Meanwhile there is still more shooting going on between the wedding guests and the Mafia. Lots of shots are fired, people getting shot and going down left and right. It is gruesome and brutal, but who cares, let’s go back to Pepa and Silvia and see how they are doing.

Pepa is cutting in Silvia’s stomach and Silvia is telling her she needs to go deeper. Silvia is about to lose consciousness again, so Don Lorenzo asks her to tell him about the honeymoon. Silvia talks about the honeymoon and how beautiful it is going to be.

When Pepa is about to grab for the bullet in Silvia’s abdomen, Silvia starts to panic and tells her no. She starts to cry and thanks Pepa, saying she has done very well.

Silvia asks them to help her up and to hold her in their arms. She asks Don Lorenzo if he remembers the song he used to sing to her when she was little that always made her fall asleep.

Don Lorenzo starts singing the song and Pepa and Silvia join in. Meanwhile everywhere people are dying and crying. It’s heart breaking and it seems to last forever. To say I am not the sentimental type is an understatement, but even I am crying at this point.

They continue singing as Silvia dies in their arms. Pepa’s scream is devastating. Pepa and
Don Lorenzo hold her as they cry.

The season finale of Los hombres de Paco ends with four main characters shot dead, including Silvia. WTF? LHDP writers! There are different ways to make a character leave a show other than with the most violent, gruesome, painfully dragged on death scene ever. They have taken the meaning of “dead lesbian” to a whole new level.

And just in case you had any hope left that maybe these deaths weren’t as final as they looked, they end the episode with a montage of scenes from the four main characters who have passed away. We see Silvia in better times, smiling a lot and being in love with Pepa. Perhaps that’s how we should remember here.

Next time on LHDP: They haven’t started filming the next season yet, but does it really matter? Call me crazy, but once they kill off half of the most awesomest lesbian TV couple ever I kind of stop caring.

This recap was first published on eurOut.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Upcoming movie: The girl who played with fire (Millenium Part II) - More action, more intrigue, more lesbianism

The girl who played with fire is the second movie of the Millenium trilogy based on the books by the late Stieg Larsson. The story revolves around Mikael Blomkvist, a financial journalist at magazine Millenium who gets hired to investigate and write about a family mystery.

He calls in the help of research and computer expert Lisbeth Salander and soon the two of them get caught up in all kinds of drama and violence. And this is only what happened in the first movie.

In the second part of the Millenium trilogy a big investigation by the Millenium office into the sex-trafficking industry results in two of their staff being killed, together with a lawyer and the only evidence available leads to Lisbeth Salander as a suspect. What follows is a nationwide search – or manhunt if you will – to find Salander and bring her in. For more information about the plot, you can read our review of the books.

Why does eurOut care about this movie? Besides the fact that it’s a great action thriller – if the books are anything to go by, which I am reading right now and loving every second of it – it also features a bisexual lady. The talented, but weird and socially inept Lisbeth Salander is described as someone who has had affairs with both men and women.

In Men who hate women Salander’s bisexuality was hardly touched upon, but in the sequel we can expect a lot more exploration of her Sapphic side. This is because her on and of affair with Miriam Wu plays a crucial role in the plot of the second movie. When Salander disappears, the police’s only lead to find Salander is through Wu.

Of course we will just have to wait and see, how much of the stuff about the two of them that is in the novel will make it onto the screen, but if some of the movie stills are anything to go by we might just get ourselves a little bit of girl-on-girl sex in this film.

I have to emphasize though, that The girl who played with fire is by no means a queer movie. It is just a really good action thriller which happens to feature a main character who is bisexual.

Watch the (Swedish) trailer here. WARNING: Not suitable for those who are sensitive to blood or violence. If you speak Norwegian, you can read a more detailed exploration of the bisexual content here.

Everyone who lives in Scandinavia can watch The girl who played with fire in theatres from September 19. Those in the rest of Europe (and the world) will have to wait a little longer, but most of you should be able to catch the first movie Men who hate women at your local theatre this summer.

This article was first published on eurOut.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

YouTube Thursday: Favourite cover songs part II

Here’s another selection of some of my favourite cover songs. Listen/watch part I here.

Rufus Wainwright – Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen)

I know most people prefer different versions of this song, but for some reason this cover touches me

Sarah Bettens & Anouk – I alone (Live)

Pink – Janie’s got a gun (Aerosmith)

The Lemonheads – Into your arms (Love Positions)

Softcell – Tainted love (Gloria Jones)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Irrational fears or why I will never get on a rollercoaster again

We all have our irrational fears. Some fears or phobias are more irrational than others. Mine is to do with rollercoasters. No it is not about the height, or the speed or the going upside down part that freaks me out.

I can deal with all that, even though the older I get the less I understand why stuff like rollercoasters and other scary amusement park attractions are supposed to be fun.
The irrational fear I have is falling out of rollercoasters (or ferres wheels, cable carts, ski lifts etc.).

The last time I went in the Python (a huge rollercoaster in Dutch amusement park the Efteling) was a few years ago. As we were going up higher and higher I became convinced and obsessed that my harness wasn’t locked properly and I was going to fall out.

Needless to say I started to freak out a little bit and my friend sitting next to me was nice enough to hold my hand. This calmed me down, even though it was ridiculous as it’s not like she could’ve prevented me from falling out that way.

I still remember that horrible feeling of being convinced I would fall out. I haven’t been in any rollercoasters since. At least none that one could fall out off. People usually laugh at me about this, saying it’s silly as nothing can go wrong.

I almost believed them until 2 years ago the same rollercoaster got stuck. It got stuck at the highest point. I saw the YouTube video of some guys trying to get the people out of the cart. The stupid guys started getting people out from the back first.

When the thing was halfway empty it became too heavy at the front and it started riding again. Some people still had their harnesses open and luckily could just pull them towards them before they went upside down. If they’d reacted any slower they’d fallen out.

So at least my fear for falling out of rollercoasters is a little justified. However, I feel the same way about cable carts, especially when they look like ski lifts. Just too easy to fall out. I know it’s a little silly. We all have our weird fears, and now you know mine.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

TV series you should own on DVD: Chuck

For the last few days I have been marathoning episodes of Chuck and I can happily (or unhappily, depending how you look at it) say that I’ve almost made it through 2 whole seasons. I simply love this show.

Why? I am not quite sure. I mean, it is fun and entertaining and has a decent enough plot. But it is not the best show I have ever seen (Read it is not Fringe or Battlestar Galactica or even Six Feet Under). Far from it.

There’s many things wrong with this show. For example, those dumb geeks at the Buy More annoy the hell out of me. I mean, I can appreciate a nice geek, but no one in real life is anything like those losers who work there, right? Well, I hope not.

So yeah, some of the storylines are a little stupid, especially involving the Buy More employees....or Awesome the boyfriend, even though I love the fact that they call him awesome.

Ok perhaps I should explain for those of you who don’t know the show. It’s basically about this guy Chuck who is a big geek who works at Buy More and by accident ends up with all the CIA secrets in his head . So he is like a human computer.

Now his life changes drastically as it is spend helping out the CIA with solving all kinds of crimes, all the while trying to keep his cover that he’s just a boring tech geek. It’s a nice premise, it’s got lots of fun geeky stuff and crime and action.

Add the fact that Sarah Walker the woman he’s working with/is protecting him is extremely hot, it makes for nice watching. Actually, even though I think she’s a hottie I just really like her character (although I did not buy at all that she used to be a big loser in high school). I also think she has great chemistry with Chuck.

I also love the Casey guy – Alec Baldwin always plays guys like that and it’s fun. At least I think so. But the main reason why I am watching is because of Chuck. I love that guy, not sure why but there’s something very likeable about him.

So there you have it. I like this show and I wish there were 10 more seasons. Give it a chance if you haven’t already, I greatly recommend it.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Los hombres de Paco recap: Episode 8.11 – the Pepsi wedding

Previously on LHDP: Silvia asked Pepa to marry her and Pepa accepted. They then told all their friends, family and co-workers and everyone was happy for them. Pepa and Silvia got into a bit of an argument and conquered a few doubts, then luckily all was good in Pepsi land again.

This episode was all about Pepa and Silvia’s wedding. In true Los hombres de Paco fashion, this was by no means an ordinary or boring wedding.

The episode starts a day before the wedding and we see Silvia who is talking about love. She is reminiscing about her and Pepa’s story, talking about how they are getting married tomorrow and it’s basically all good and wonderful and perfect. That’s my interpretation and by no means a literal translation.

We get treated to clips from some of their sweetest and hottest scenes together. They also just look so happy. Unlike most LHDP episodes, happy is definitely the theme of this episode.

Silvia and Pepa are playing footsie under the table and Pepa suggests they should rehearse their wedding night. Nice one, Pepa! We then watch our two favourite women hold each other’s hand, dance, caress each other and be happy the way only a couple who’s about to get married can be happy. It’s all very romantic and also very hot.

The rest of the people from the police station are all very busy with preparations for the wedding. Of course, in true LHDP fashion lots of stuff goes wrong or the weirdest things happen. For example, they lose Don Lorenzo’s car, which is supposed to be the car Silvia and Pepa are getting married in. Apparently someone stole it, which is kind of problematic as there are some bad guys stuffed in the trunk. Don’t ask.

Meanwhile Pepa is saying some bad things about Silvia and that she is not getting married. Just as I start to get worried I find out it is all a joke. Yes, Pepa and her weird sense of humour again. Silvia told her to go change with the men and that’s really why she is at Don Lorenzo’s house. Also, not that funny. Well, maybe a little.

Later on there’s a very sweet scene between Pepa and Don Lorenzo (Silvia’s dad). He’s saying he is really happy for hem and Pepa admits she has no idea how to Waltz and well, she should be able to dance on her own wedding. Don Lorenzo decides to teach her, but Pepa insists she has to learn it in a way that she can lead. So they dance together and they are happy.

They find Don Lorenzo’s car again, complete with two bodies in the trunk. Some Italian cops show up too and there is some talk about the mafia. By the way, there is often mafia talk on this show, but I usually skip it in my recaps. Unless it’s relevant. You’ll find out why it is relevant later.

Pepa and Rita are putting Pepa’s make up on and they are being very happy about the wedding. Meanwhile we see Silvia doing an autopsy in her wedding dress. Is it wrong for me to say I find that kinda hot?

Pepa calls Silvia and tells her to come to the place of the wedding, but Silvia who is still in the lab, tells her she has some work to do. I am slightly confused why all of a sudden Silvia is such a workaholic that she would almost miss her own wedding. Perhaps the writers also just liked seeing Silvia doing autopsies in her wedding dress.

It turns out Pepa was phoning from outside the lab. She comes in and Silvia gets a little angry with her, because Pepa is not supposed to see her in her wedding dress, bad luck and all. There’s a lot of talking –while they are standing with their backs to each other so not to see each other’s dress. Very cute - and Pepa just wants her to leave the lab.

They kiss and caress each other with their eyes closed, so as not to bring on any bad luck. LHDP wouldn’t be LHDP if they were not interrupted by some guy. Luckily this time it’s just Don Lorenzo who wants to know if they are ready. When Pepa leaves Silvia tells him she just wants to quickly finish the autopsy. It’s all about priorities.

Finally it is time for the actual wedding. Pepa and Silvia are both looking very pretty and are smiling at each other. Smiling is an understatement as they are beaming with happiness. In fact, pretty much everyone there is happy and excited.

The ceremony starts and the women exchange rings and say I do. There really isn’t much more to say about it, so I will just let the screencaps tell you what took place.

Just as they have made it official we see a lot of mafia guys with guns getting close. And the “will be continued” notice comes on the screen. Damn. Well, at least Pepa and Silvia are now officially married.

Next time on LHDP: Lots and lots of stuff is happening, including much shooting and craziness at the wedding ceremony. It looks like one of the people getting shot is Silvia. Uh oh! This will be the season finale, so an almost-dead-lesbian cliff hanger is not outside the realm of possibilities. Let’s hope for the best.

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Two screencaps that didn’t make it into the recap:

Silvia in her wedding dress doing an autopsy

Are we watching Los hombres de Paco or Buffy the Vampire slayer?