Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Random facts about me part 4

I promise this is the fourth and final part of Random facts about me. Even if I wanted to continue, I guess there’s really only so many random facts about me. Soon we’d be running out of them. At least, they would no longer be very random.

1. I like making these random facts lists.

2. I talk to myself, a lot. Sometimes even when others are around, like when I am shopping. Half the time I don’t even realize I am doing it until I see people look at me funny.

3. The last time I got stung by a wasp was when I was 10, yet I have an unrealistic fear of getting stung, even though I know it wouldn’t be that bad if I was. I’m not even allergic.

4. I get weird obsessions sometimes that make me do something for hours or days on end. I love getting in that mode, easily if it also results in something useful.

5. I love to cook and I don’t mind if it’s just for me. I find the whole process very relaxing.

6. I can be extremely shallow and petty at times, and the worst thing about this is that I kind of enjoy acting like a total twat.

7. I am trying to learn not to be so honest all the time. I hope one day I can just say, “You look great” when a friend asks me about her hair/outfit/whatever.

8. I enjoy having paperclips in my mouth.

9. As a late bloomer I spent a lot of time wondering how on earth one went about kissing someone. Then when I finally found out how easy it was, I was a little disappointed.

10. Whenever I really like a woman I manage to interpret everything she says in the least likely way, which usually doesn’t include things like she must really like me too.

11. I am very anal and obsessive when it comes to this blog, and I put a lot of thought into how the different posts will look. I think far less about the actual content.

12. I don’t own a driver’s license and I probably never will. I am very clumsy and can’t multitask. Also things that go fast scare me.

13. Most things I have achieved in my life have some relatively easy to me. I have no idea how one would go about getting something that was really hard to attain and out of reach.

14. Hitting puberty way too early was one of the worst experiences in my life.

15. I now teach my students courses I had a hard time passing myself as a student.

16. One of the things I miss most about being single is not the company or the regular sex, but having someone to hold and cuddle with for no particular reason.

17. When I was 14 a group of girls started a fight with me and my little sister and all I did was cry. I still feel bad about that sometimes.

18. One of the few types of candy I really like is cinnamon flavoured candy that only seems to be available in the US.

19. I have this thing for complicated girls. I can’t explain it or help it, but I hope to change that some day.

20. When I was little and I first learned about the concept of reincarnation, I was so fascinated with it that for a while I wanted to die just because I was curious to see as who/what I would come back as.

21. I sometimes worry about over sharing, but I know I don’t have to because most people’s thresholds for over sharing are so much higher than mine.

22. I don’t get why someone needs half an hour to get ready to leave the house. Just look in the mirror, put on your shoes and GO!

23. I’m a really good liar.

24. I only own black socks, bras and underwear. In fact, there’s no bright colours in my entire wardrobe save for a bright red shirt of which I am not sure why I ever bought it.

25. It makes me smile to think some of you actually read through this entire list. Special kudos to those of you who enjoyed it too…


Spoil Myself said...

need another reason why there won't be a part 5? You started repeating yourself ;)

I like this list too, just like the others. Did I mention that I've have an extraordinary memory for all these random things? Just warning you ;)

Natazzz said...

I think it's kinda scary that you actually remember what I wrote previously...seeing as I didn't even ;-)

unfolder said...

Personally, I don't think repetition is a bad thing ... so if you ever find yourself drawn to a fifth part, don't resist :)

Number 23 could help you out with number 7 ... although, I do think number 7 has a certain charm about itself :)

Natazzz said...

Unfolder, very true although my problem is not how to lie, but when to know to lie ;-)

unfolder said...

Well, the truth can sometimes make situations a lot more interesting than lies every can ... so don't worry about it ;)

J. said...

Hello there...

thought I would leave you with a smile seeing that you enjoy writing lists and enjoy those peeps that actally read them even more..right to the end!

As for those items on that list:

2) yup.. albeit in my head rather than out loud

3) same here

7) big time...although wish we could all be more honest in general as to create less hurt because there's no more intentionallity.

14) exhange puberty for self-conciousness and you got me

16) oh boy, yes indeed!

19) I hear you!

Nice to see a photo of you now in your profile :)


Natazzz said...

J, you know you always make me smile ;-) Thanks for delurking and agreeing with some of my facts...

Meg said...

tell me what cinnamon candy you like. i will send you some. :)

J. said...

Aww Natazzz...

now that comment of yours made me smile :)

Faith said...

I LOVE this post! I should make a list like this but I never seem to find things to list. Hum... I do recognize myself in a lot of the things you state.

Great topic, keep it up ^_^

Natazzz said...

faith, I am sure if you would just make a start the random facts would start pouring out of you in no time.

I am expecting to see your random facts soon ;-)