Friday, June 19, 2009

Out lesbian Nanna Grundfeltd wins Finnish Top Model reality show

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Queer contestant Nanna Grundfeltd of Finnish reality show Suomen Huippumaili Haussa (Finland’s next top model) was already all kinds of awesome in my eyes for not only being gorgeous, but also for being able to walk over eggs without breaking them, and most of all, for being unashamedly out and proud.

It looks like being yourself pays off sometimes, as the 24-year-old contestant was declared the winner of Top Model during yesterday’s finale epsisode. The prize she received includes, among other things, a cover photo shoot with Cosmopolitan magazine, something involving Max Factor and a casting trip to Milan. As well as the main prize of getting a contract with Paparazzi Model Management.

Don’t shoot me if I got some of these details wrong, as I know very little about all this girly stuff. What I do know is that Nanna is very cute, which is the most important thing, right?

Nanna winning the competition wasn’t really a surprise to most of the Finnish viewers, as still water company BonAqua accidently posted posters – including 35 billboards- congratulating Nanna with her victory one day early by mistake. Oops.

Even though Top Model competitions all over the world have seen many queer contestants before (especially in the United States), this is the first time that an out lesbian has won. Not only did Nanna never hide her sexual orientation, she even expressed herself through it in several photo shoots, including this one in which she looks cute in a hoodie with the word Homo on the front.

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It probably comes as no surprise to many of you when I say that shows like Top Model are not really my kind of thing. I do not even care much for models in general. However, I am very excited about Nanna’s victory, as she seems a lot more likeable and attractive to me than most models do. More importantly, having an out lesbian declared as Finland’s top model is a great day for lesbian visibility.

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