Friday, June 12, 2009

How I feel about men

I love men. I love them for who they are, for how they act, for what they look like and for what it’s like to interact with them. I just don’t fall in love with them and I don’t have any interest in sleeping with them, but besides that I think most men are pretty cool.

Therefore I find it hard to understand why so many lesbians are so negative about men. Where does all this hate come from? And is there even any reason for it? I mean, we are talking about 3 billion people on this earth. Perhaps that’s a little too many people to dislike.

Sure, I do not deny that men have done a lot of horrible things. But do we therefore have to say that all men are like that? You are a man and therefore I do not like you? That just sounds a little silly to me.

For me being a lesbian just means I am attracted to and fall in love with women. I am not into women because I don’t like men, women are not the alternative choice here. Just because I am a lesbian does not mean I want to spend my time with only lesbians.

I don’t even want to spend my time with only women. Why would anyone want to limit their social circle that way? I love having guy friends, especially straight men. They are such fun to hang out with, in a relaxed and uncomplicated kind of way.

Because yes, now that we are generalizing anyway, women do tend to make a lot of things unnecessarily complicated. Sometimes I just want to have a few drinks and a laugh with someone, without having to think or worry about anything.

Not that I can’t do that with women or that I have never had complications or serious conversations with men, but there is something I particular like about being around men or being in mixed company.

Diversity is a good thing. Sure, we can all decide who we date and don’t date and who we let into our most personal social circle. I am just saying, don’t limit who you hang out with or come into contact with.

Of course, I feel that a lot of the time men cannot really compare to the awesomeness of women, but still I believe that some men are pretty damn great.

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Rebecca said...

I am with you, I don't hate em, they make great friends, but I sure know now that I fall in love with women, not me.