Thursday, May 7, 2009

YouTube Thursday: Awesome eighties cartoons

As requested by @rochelledancel, this blog post is all about some of my favourite eighties cartoons.* When I was little, I think I enjoyed most cartoons really, but here are some that impressed me the most.


Yes, I know, He-man is very very lame. But I loved this show. I loved the raising of the sword and his “I have the power” slogan. I also thought Skeleton was super creepy. Shut up, I was little.

Dr. Snuggles

Ok also very lame, but just listening to this theme song makes me smile.

Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors

Still an awesome theme song. ”There’s a power that comes from deep inside of you” lol

The Snorks

I think this was on a little later than the previous two, but also a cartoon I really enjoyed watching. Not that I remember much about the actual content.

Where did I do most of my cartoon watching? On Sky Channel’s Fun Factory on Saturday morning.

Finally, my favourite Disney cartoon ever:
The Fox and the Hound

It’s about true friendship. Wise lessons there. Sure to make you cry.

* Yes, I am not taking requests for blog post topics. Feel free to make your suggestions, and who knows, I might even listen.


Anonymous said...

i promise not to say another word about He-Man. I do agree with you about _The Fox and the Hound, very cute movie :-)

Spoil Myself said...

I'm familiar with the Sky Channel Fun Factory but I don't know most comics you mentionned, except for He-man.
Totally loved the loony-tunes characters :) They're even older but with the arrival of private tv in Germany they had their comeback.