Friday, May 22, 2009

Twitter: A fun little obsession

I have a fun new obsession, it’s called Twitter. For months people (you know who you are!) were telling me to get on Twitter, because it was so great and exciting, but I would just ignore them.

I thought Twitter was just another social network site like MySpace or FaceBook and the last thing I needed was another one of those. I also was under the misguided impression you could only use Twitter by phone and who would want to text to complete strangers?

Once I became an editor for eurOut I quickly noticed that almost anyone and everyone was on Twitter and I became curious about what I was missing out on. So I finally decided to check out what the fuss was all about, and I am so glad that I did!

I already can’t imagine my life without Twitter. I know that sounds silly, but it’s become such a part of my every day online life. It’s both very social and informational. Everyone has a Twitter account these days.

This includes any kind of media, TV shows, websites, newspapers etc. They all tweet their latest news, so it helps to stay updated with what happens in the queer entertainment world. I say queer, because Twitter is so incredibly GAY!

Well, I am sure it isn’t for millions of users, but from the 200 plus accounts that I follow, I think about 90% of those are gay. Not just websites and media, but also bloggers, vloggers, authors, actors, everyone is on Twitter.

And it’s so fast. It’s not like FB or MS where you actually have to look on peoples pages, but you get instant messages from as many people as you want immediately. There’s no faster way to keep up to date on the latest news and especially to spread the news.

Look what happened with the whole Amazon fail thing. Within hours everyone on Twitter was talking about it and demanding things to be changed. It’s so awesome!

And it’s such fun! Sometimes it’s a little too much fun and I forget that Twitter really isn’t a lesbian chat room. But I am sure that those followers who don’t participate in the banter don’t mind too much. Right?

Anyway, this was just a post to say I HEART TWITTER and I wish I had joined it months earlier.


Spoil Myself said...

currently I'm teaching myself to reach the next level, which is to ignore this urge to follow up on all tweets that were sent while I was offline ;)

Anonymous said...

tweetdeck only goes back so far, so there are many days when i know miss a lot.

twitter is addictive and when i first signed up i really thought i would be more of a watcher than a twitterer. but then i ran across you all. ha ha! aren't you lucky :)