Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The art of being straight

There’s this interesting new movie coming out called The art of being straight. It tells the story of Jon who moves to LA, taking a break from his long time gf. While he’s there he starts to discover he has feelings for men. One man, his boss, in particular.

Meanwhile he meets up with an old college friend Madeleine, who thought she was a lesbian but then ends up falling for a man again. In other words, this is a movie about exploring your sexual orientation.

I have only seen the trailer, so I have no idea whether it is well done or not (and with well done I mean it actually portrays in a good way what it is like to be early twenties and explore your sexuality). But it looks interesting.

I like that the main character is a “straight” guy who wonders if he’s gay, since you don’t see that too often. The typical popular college guy who has a lot of girlfriends is usually not the character who they show questioning their sexuality.

The art of being straight will be in theatres in New York and LA beginning of June and hopefully it will make it to Europe as well, as I would love to see it.

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jennifer from pittsburgh said...

That is quite a compelling premise. We typically think of women having the more fluid sexuality and guys being more hard-wired. It's interesting that this movie seems turn that notion on its head.