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AfterEllen’s Hot 100: My thoughts

This Monday AfterEllen came out with their annual Hot 100 list. It’s the third time they asked readers to nominate their favourite hotties, and boy did they.

They received over 150,000 (!) votes from lesbians and bisexual women everywhere (and probably a few straight women and men too). With such a huge response you can’t really argue the results, but of course plenty of women did judging by the comments.

I love lists and hot women almost equally, so something like the Hot 100 is really something that gets me excited.

I have a lot to say about this list, because I am a lesbian after all, and we always like to have our say. First of all I want to share with you my personal Top 5 of women who made it to this year’s Hot 100 list.

My Top five women in the order of appearance on the Hot 100 list:

#04. Leisha Hailey

#06. Rachel Maddow

#14. Eliza Dushku

#22. Rose Rollins

#70. Katee Sackhoff
Next I have a few comments on the kind of women who made the list...apparently if you want to make it onto the Hot 100 it helps to play on the L word. But every having played gay works just as well.

There’s a few very young girls on this list that make me slightly uncomfortable. I guess I should be happy there’s so many teenagers these days already voting for their fave ladies. At least I hope it was teenagers doing the voting.

Some more random comments, most of which went through my mind while looking through the list (Well, besides...damn those ladies are hot *g)...

Portia de Rossi at number 1. Seriously? I can’t deny she’s very pretty, but she does absolutely nothing for me. I guess it’s kinda cool to have an out lesbian at number one, but still I am kind of surprised by this.

The rest of the top 10 (or Top 20) even didn’t really hold any surprises for me.
There were a surprising number of ladies on this list who I just did not know. I actually had to click on their names or Google them to find out. Perhaps it’s just because a lot of these actresses just look the same to me, oh and also, I am really bad with names.

I am not sure what they did with their separate lists...Top out women, Top women over 40 and Top women of colour. I mean, they listed all the women in those catergories who made it to the Top 100 plus added the ones that just did not make it.

Now as a researcher, that does not sound very scientific to me. If you were just going to count them like that, why have people list them separately at all? Theoretically no one could’ve put a certain women in their top 10 but everyone as top out woman.

That woman then should’ve appeared at the top of the out list, not the out women with the most votes in total. Oh never mind, it is supposed to be JUST FUN...

What I would like to do next is discuss with you all the European ladies that made the list this year. I found 16 in total (do correct me if I am wrong, looking through all that hotness did cloud my brain a little), mainly consisting of British women, three Spanish ladies and one woman from Norway (I bet you can guess who that is).

#03. Lena Headey

You probably all know British actress Lena Headey as florist Luce in one of the better lesbian movies of the last ten years, Imagine me and you. I fell a little bit in love with her then. I never did get into the Sarah Connor Chronicles in which Headey plays the lead character Sarah Connor, but I did quite enjoy her performance in the episode Top Friends of AfterEllen’s web series Ghostella’s Haunted Tomb.

I think Heady is a major hottie and she also seems like she’s a lovely person. Therefore, I think coming 3rd on the Hot 100 is well deserved.

#10. Gro Hammerseng

I think no one is surprised to see that Norwegian’s hottest handball player Gro Hammerseng has made it to the Top 10. The popularity of this woman is unbelievable, or perhaps undeniable is the better word. Not only is she a beautiful woman, she is also an out lesbian (the only one on this list).

I can really appreciate the latter, although obviously the former doesn’t hurt either. I really don’t care for sports at all, but women like Hammerseng make me want to watch it.

#12. Rachel ShelleyBritish actress Rachel Shelley is mostly known for her role as Helena Peabody on everyone’s favourite lesbian TV series the L word. She’s also appeared in a number of other TV series and movies, including Gray matters and Ghost whisperer.

I was really surprised to see her up so high on the list. Sure, she is a beautiful woman, but I did not realize she was that popular. When I think of Shelley I think of her sex scenes on the L Word with Alex Hedison. Very hot.

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