Thursday, April 23, 2009

YouTube Thursday: Peta Wilson in La Femme Nikita

One of my favourite TV shows from the nineties is definitely Nikita starring the lovely Peta Wilson. For those who never watched it, Nikita was like Alias, only the people working for the government did so against their will and were really trained assassins.

Of course, Nikita was an assassin with a heart, who for the first seasons had a really hard time killing people. Then she got over it.

Yeah, I know, great premise. I watched it for years, and loved it. I especially loved the main character Nikita. Thought she was so cool and hot. Here are some of the highlights:

How it all started:

She had this thing for the creepy and cold Michael. Remember that? Ewww. Here’s them saying goodbye in the final ep:

Another fan vid featuring Nikita and Michael:

She even played an unstable bisexual with a S&M fetish in the B movie Mercy.

Still a bad movie, yet still hot.

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mega said...

my god... this woman is so hot