Saturday, April 11, 2009

Oh no, am I really turning into a (semi)vegetarian?

There was a time when not a day would go by without me eating meat of some kind. About a decade ago one of my favourite restaurants to go out to dinner was Greek, just because of all the meat they’d give you. I have even been known to order (unlimited) spare ribs on numerous occasions.

It’s interesting how over the years your tastes and eating habits change. At least mine have – in quite drastic ways I guess. For the last few years I haven’t really been a big meat eater. With that I mean I don’t need it in my meals all the time.

Don’t get me wrong, I love meat, but I realized at some point that I’m just as happy eating my dinners with fish or totally vegetarian. The need to have meat present sort of went away.

I did still eat a lot of meat in other food, like on my sandwiches. Never really thought about how much. So then I came up with a crazy idea: Why not try to not eat any meat at all for a while?

So I think I haven’t had any meat for about two weeks now. I find this really scary. Especially because I do not even miss it all that much. Oh no, does this mean I am really turning into a vegetarian?

LOL. If you know me, you know why this is very funny. I can’t be a vegetarian. It’s just wrong. Oh well, at least it’s not vegan. That is really taking it one step too far.

Well, not sure how long it will last as I’m going to have a big family dinner for Easter. I bet there will be lots of meat and I don’t know if I will turn it down. I find it kind of interesting though, to see what will happen.

If you care too, will keep you posted. If you couldn’t care less, just skip the next blog about my new found vegetarianism.


Spoil Myself said...

To me meat is just another type of food, which i sometimes like and sometimes not. Some people don't get this so instead of explaining why I like this type but not that type of meat, I often take the shortcut and say that I'm vegetarian and that it's for health reasons (only halfway true ;))

I'd be curious to know how you felt during easter? Did it feel different? Taste different?

Natazzz said...

Actually, it felt just as if I had never given up meat.

I do feel really bad today, but that's probably more to do with the amount of meat consumed LOL.