Saturday, April 18, 2009

iPhone obsession

Since a few weeks I am obsessed with iPhones or more precisely, about wondering whether or not I should get one. This all started on Twitter, when several people I won’t name (but you know who you are!) kept going on and on about how great, exciting and beautiful iphones are.

I responded by making fun of them a lot, wondering why one could possibly need an iPhone, especially if you already have a regular cellphone, inet connection etc. It just sounded like a waste of money to me.

The iPhone craziness continued online, with much more talk and even an entire blogpost on eurOut devoted to it. On top of that this huge iPhone advertising campaign launched, which made me see iPhones everywhere.

I still wasn’t convinced I should get one, but I was getting more and more intrigued. What was the big deal? I decided to find out and watched one of those informational videos on the iphone website.

That 30 minute infomercial couldn’t really tell me why I needed an iPhone or why life would be impossible without one, but my oh my, no one warned me that an iPhone is SO FREAKING PRETTY!

It’s beautiful. It really is. The design, the colour (black of course. Who buys a white iphone?) and especially the display. I think I am in love.
Happy sigh.

I still haven’t bough one though. I might be in love, but the rational part of my brain keeps telling me: just be patient and wait a little while longer, until they become cheaper.


Chantal said...

I've been saying that for ages "what is so cool about the iphone... except the brand name it comes from"
and i still feel the same. I'm sticking with my samsung ultra touch it is sleek, it is cute, it is BLACK and has this dark shiny red accents on it

joan-psmith said...

Oh, it is beautiful!
*g* I'm still thinking about getting an iPod Touch for much the same reason.

I have alreaday got a phone and a cheap contract. I couldn't afford an "iPhone contract" anyway.

The iPod Touch is pretty much the same thing (minus phone, camera and gps), it's not bound to any contract and cheaper.

The only reason I didn't buy one right away is that I think there will be some hardware changes coming in september that are worth waiting for (there are not even rumors out, but I hope it may get a camera and a microphone). But one has to pay for software upgrades (for the iPod Touch that is) and there is iPhone OS 3 due this summer - so buying an iPod Touch before July is not smart.

:D There are many reasons why you need such a thing: read ebooks with stanza and feedbooks, manage your time with tons of free GTD apps, check your mail/tweets/blogs/... anywhere.
If it only were september already! *impatient*

Anonymous said...

Or just wait until the new ones are released in June...

Natazzz said...

Thanks for agreeing how beautiful it is Joan.

This sentence made me LOL: "The iPod Touch is pretty much the same thing (minus phone, camera and gps)"

Yep, sounds exactly the same.