Friday, April 10, 2009

Humourless lesbians

If there is one thing I hate, besides stupidity, it’s people who take themselves and the world a little too seriously. Unfortunately, this often seems to be the case with lesbians. Now don’t get all defensive, I am obviously not referring to the lovely lesbians that read my blog.

If you read my blog regularly and you like what you read, then you are the kind of person I like. You know, with a good sense of humour (not to mention great taste of course, liking my blog and all lol) and not all that pc.

Did I mention I also really hate all this politically correct BS? I don’t think anyone should ever intentionally hurt someone else by what they say, if they can help it, but as far as I’m concerned there’s nothing wrong with speaking your mind.

Speaking your mind and just telling it like it is. Over the years, my big mouth has often gotten me into trouble, but it was seldom intentional. I just tend to be really direct and tell you how I feel, and not everyone can appreciate that.

Still, I think that’s a lot better than being all pc and nice to someone’s face, while you are really thinking they suck. Those people who are very pc, or at least try to be, are often the same kind of folks that are easily offended.

I think there is nothing wrong with making fun of people and things. We should be able to laugh about everything – well most things anyway. My kind of humour – sarcasm in particular – isn’t everyone’s kind of humour, and I understand and respect that. But please ladies, don’t get upset or even angry over a little sarcasm.

Wonder what exactly I am talking about? Well, the examples I could give you are endless. One in particular are the responses to the Fake Gay News posts on AE a few weeks ago. They were sarcastic articles about fake news.

You would think people would get that, but no, they actually needed to put a warning up that they were satirical posts, meaning it wasn’t real. Even then, there were lots of comments of people who didn’t like it or were offended by it even.

I really don’t get it. To me those articles – in particular Dara Nai’s article about the lesbian reenactment village – were some of the best things I’ve read on AE all year. Absolutely love them.

Is it just a matter of different taste or are we talking totally different kinds of people? I tend to think the latter. In fact, there’s a reason most of my friends and the people I know share my sense of humour and my outlook on life.

Am I saying I would not befriend someone simple because they didn’t like sarcasm or directness? Sure. I’ve rejected people for a whole lot less. Seriously, sharing the same sense of humour is probably one of the most important things in any relationship.

If you don’t like what I like, fine, but at least try to lighten up. Life’s too short to be so uptight and miserable all the time.


Spoil Myself said...

while there's still a big difference between being rude and being un-pc, I totally agree with you. Life is already hard enough, it's so much easier to go through it without behaving yourself as if you had to make up for all of the world's unfairness.
I'm usually a very nice person, but I can't stand doublestandards, bigotry and hypocrisy.
My favorite quote describes this best
"You have to laugh at yourself because you'd cry your eyes out if you didn't."-Emily Saliers

joan-psmith said...

What bugs me about being pc is that it is all on the surface.
Being pc alone is no guarantee that there isn't racism/homophobia/sexism/you-name-it underneath it.

Like you said above, I'm all about trying not to hurt the people around me.
But what counts is how you behave in regards to other people not necessarily what words you use.

in re "Ol' Tyme Herstoryville": *snort* I totally missed that! Thank's for linking to it. :)

Random said...

I'm sarcastic (very, sarcastic).

But I try to tone down my sarcasm. Which is kind of diffucult. It's not like I plan every comment I make (especially not the verbal kind) they just seem to turn out sarcastic.
So I get into a lot of trouble. Apparently, not everybody understands sarcasm.

I get that it can be difficult to understand sarcasm when it's written. Like Fake Gay News - well maybe not FGN (i.e. the title..!).
But verbal sarcasm? Really? Then again. Some people don't get jokes...

I'll stop rambling now. Promise! ;o)