Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Anita Blake novels to be adapted for television

One of my favourite guilty pleasures when it comes to books is Laurell K. Hamilton’s Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter series. It’s hard to describe what these books are like (read my previous post about them here), but if these novels were a movie they’d be a cross between Buffy the Vampire, the X-files and good soft porn. Another way to describe it, is to call it supernatural erotica.

What starts off as a story about a vampire hunter who can raise the dead, and is dating both a vampire and a shape shifter, despite her morals and being a prude, soon develops into full blown erotica. I have never read about so much straight sex in my life.

Therefore, I was really surprised to hear that there are plans to turn these novels into a TV movie. Seriously? I think it is all kinds of awesome, as I heart these books and would love to see them adapted. However, I cannot help but worry about how much they will change the actual storyline.I mean, it’s not very likely they will actually keep all the sex that’s in these books. However, if you remove all the explicit sex and sex storylines, there will be no story left to tell. At least not in the last few novels.

I guess they could go the True Blood road, and hopefully not the Twilight road. Or worse even, try to attempt something as horrible as Queen of the Damned. Think of Anne Rice’s novels what you like, but they were ten times better than that crap they dared to call a movie.

In any case, I’m excited to see what’s going to happen, although I am fearing the worse. There’s not many adaptations of books I enjoyed that I actually like.

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