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What did you miss on eurOut this week?

Here is just some of the stuff you missed out on on eurOutthis week…

Skins recap: Episode 3.06 “Naomi:

Forget about South of Nowhere or other American teen shows, British teen drama Skins is showing us what lesbian teen romances are really like. Yes, I know I have changed my tune since my last recap, but that’s mainly because this episode was filled with lesbionic scenes.

I still don’t really care about all the teenage boy stuff, but when the focus is more on cute girls falling for each other, this show isn’t half bad. As for this particular episode, I would say it’s definitely one of the best portrayals of teenage lesbians I’ve ever seen. Very cute, very realistic and very gay.

The episode starts with Naomi waking up to find a strange man in her bed. No, she hasn’t picked him up or anything; he is just one of her mom’s friends who needed a place to crash. Apparently, her mom is some sort of weird hippy and their house has been turned into a commune.

When Naomi walks into the kitchen to complain about the man in her bed, her mother is busy with some friends trying to decide whether or not bananas should be banned, because their shape and texture is offensive. Funny.

At school we find Emily standing in the schoolyard looking around hopeful, waiting to see if she can spot Naomi, but Naomi ignores her and sneaks right past her. What I found totally awesome is that the song that is playing during this scene is the Human League’s Love action.

Emily is looking adorable with her little bow in her hair, which only makes her look younger and makes me feel dirty and old. All the kids meet in class where we are confronted once again with their complicated love lives. I will spare you the details and let you focus on Naomi/Emily instead (Don’t they have a Skipper name yet?).

Emily catches up with Naomi in class and enthusiastically, yet sweetly says, “Naomi, hey” and sits next to her, while Naomi totally ignores her. She doesn’t even say hello back. How rude.

Then the lights go out and a teacher starts to tell some exciting story about history and war. Good thing he is interrupted within a minute as this stuff was boring enough the first time around. The last thing I want from an episode of Skins is another history lesson.

Read the entire recap here.

Embla’s awesome new cartoon in the series What if the whole world were gay:

Ingrid Diaz’s recap of the new Spanish show with a lesbian plotline: Cuestión de Sexo

Cuestión de Sexo returned for its third season on Spain’s channel four and surprised everyone by introducing a lesbian storyline in its second episode.

The show centers around Diego, his wife Alba, their daughter Sofía and a few other members of the family (Alba’s sisters, Diego’s brother…) but the one we care about is Sofía.

In the first episode of the season, Sofía returns to Spain after spending some time gallivanting through Europe. She stops in at her parents’ home long enough to drop the I-bomb: Independence!

She’s eighteen and she’s over the whole living-with-the-parents thing. She’s setting out on her own. No, no, they don’t need to worry about a thing. She’s got the whole thing covered. She’s in and out and leaves her parents in a state of befuddlement.

Sofía’s ally in the road to independence is Gonzalo. Gonzalo is a shy, bumbling, socially-awkward guy who’s madly in love with Sofía and will do pretty much anything for her, and she seems pretty okay with letting him follow her around like a puppy.

Sofía’s big Independence Plan is to (secretly and temporarily) move into an empty apartment belonging to a woman named Sandra (who happens to be Diego’s ex, and who also happens to be played by Sandra Collantes, whom some of you might recognize from the awesome lesbian webseries Chica Busca Chica). Sandra also owns the bar that most of the characters hang out at.

Read the entire recap here.

Finally, my weekly overview of everything lesbionic that happened in Europe this week:

This week’s WAE is all about what queer things to do where. We have festivals, concerts, meetings, symposia and readings for you. Plus of course the usual European lesbian entertainment news.

• Even though it’s still more than a year away, Cologne is already preparing for the Gay Games that will be held there during August 2010. Registration has begun for the event, so if you are into sports, why not consider it? If you are worried about not being good enough, don’t be, because according to the official website “Anyone can be part of the Gay Games. There are no qualification criteria. Even if you’re just a beginner in your sport, you are more than welcome to participate!” Well, in that case, maybe we can enter with our own little eurOut editors team.

• Queer singer-songwriter Kaki King is touring Germany this month, with gigs in München, Berlin, Hamburg, Köln and Münster (see is also performing in several other European countries, check her MySpace for the exact dates and places). Why did nobody tell me this girl is hot?

• The director of one of the better lesbian movies Aimee and Jaguar Max Farberbock is about to release his latest movie A woman in Berlin about the life of German women just after World War II. It once again stars Juliane Kohler, the actress who played Aimee in Aimee and Jaguar.

• The German/Taiwan movie Ghosted about a mysterious love story covering two continents will be released in April. The plot revolves around a German artist Sophie, who goes to Taiwan for a showcase that she has dedicated to her Taiwanese lover who was murdered. She is approached by an intriguing journalist Mei-li who tries very hard to seduce her, but it turns out her intentions aren’t very honourable, because she is really investigating Sophie’s former lover’s murder.

Read the rest here.

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