Thursday, February 5, 2009

YouTube Thursday: Straight folks singing about lesbians and lesbianism

I thought my blog has featured way too many queer artists lately, so to make up for that I found you some songs by straight artists…who just happen to sing about lesbians or lesbianism.

Weezer-Pink triangle

I used to love Weezer. Anyone know what's happened to them?

Jill Sobule-I kissed a girl

So much better than that other song...

Megan Hounshell–I’m not a lesbian

Awesome song...

T.a.t.u-All the things she said

C'mon, admit it, you love this song too...

Any interesting ones I forgot?


J said...

Haha.. yes.. I do admit. it.. I like the song.. so much so I actually got my hands on their albums..and and and.. the shame.. I bought concert tickets...only for the concert to be cancelled.
It was the only thing I looked forward to during my undergraduate dissertatin..and yes the cancellation left me quite angry..can you belive it.. over t.A.T.u.. ahem.. lol.. oh well.. all the things you do, hahaha..

nice one agan :)


Natazzz said...

Oh J thanks for making me LOL.

How sad ;-)