Thursday, February 12, 2009

YouTube Thursday: the best of Los Hombres de Paco

In case you have missed it, for a while now there has been this Spanish TV dramary called Los Hombres de Paco that features a pretty prominent lesbian storyline. An in depth summary of the show will follow shorty, but for now I just wanted to shared some of my favourite scenes with you.


Pepa and Silvia are supposed to go on their first date, but Sylvia stands Pepa up. However, it is all worth it for the scene when they later meet in the elevator

Pepa and Silvia finally kiss (try to ignore the creepy relatives watching)


J. said...

if I don't get my work done then I shall blame you and the introdcution to LHDP ;)

warm greetings from over the pond...


Natazzz said...

Well, whatever you do J, stay the hell away from YouTube or Onemorelesbian to find out more.

These compilations already consist of 31 (!) parts...

J. said...

haha.. I noticed.. at least sth to look forward to after my work is done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yeah.. smexy women.. now that should be quite the motivator :)

however.. I still "treat" myself to the weekly circus that is TLW.. ahem.. thus the use of "" on the word treat.. lol!