Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Why I loved Episode 6.05 of the L word

Just when you think this show cannot get any worse, it goes and redeems itself. Well, sort of. This week’s episode of the L word was a lot of fun to watch. Sure, it was still totally ridiculous and over the top, but in a fun way.

First thing that made me LOL happened in the very first scene. Tina has turned into Beth! Gawd, now they are both obsessed with work. The fun is temporarily interrupted when Alice goes mental over Jenny stealing her script (Why is Alice even surprised by this?), but then we are back to good times when Beth and Tina make fun of Alice’s obsession with Jamie.

Who knew there were signs to tell you are having a third-person crush? See, you learn new stuff from the L word every single week. Seriously though, this plot line might be just a tad silly, but I can’t wait for them to have a threesome.

I already think Alice and Tasha are super hot together, and well, that Jamie girl is pretty cute too. I can’t even imagine what it would be like. It better be hot and not end badly (Well, at least not straight away. We all know threesome’s always end badly. Hypothetically speaking, of course).

Speaking of hot: Helena and Dylan. Damn! I am not a big fan of Helena and I honestly never find her sex scenes very enticing, except from when she is with Dylan. Man, those two have great chemistry. That would make me go back to the ex that screwed me over too…

But I’m jumping the gun here. First there’s this great scene where the gang decides to come up with a test for Dylan to prove whether or not she is sincere. So funny. I’m just not quite sure if Niki is the right kind of bait.

I mean, regardless of whether or not you are a gold digger, if you are into women like Helena, would you go for a slutty airheaded nineteen year old? I totally loved the room with all the surveillance cameras. Talk about over the top. Funniest part of this scene: they brought popcorn!

Oh, I loved this episode. Why couldn’t they all be like this one? Well, three more to go. If only it would stays this fun, but I very much doubt it.


Rose said...

I am in total agreement with you. A fun show to watch this week. I also liked it when Tina told that sleazy guy off. I wanted to applaud.

Feylamia said...

I agree, especially the Helena/Dylan scene in this episode is one of the best love scenes I've seen so far. The way they look at each other and the way they keep holding hands and all - very, very sweet and yet extremely sexy. :)
The beginning of the episode reminded me of the "soup chef mission". Those were the days...

Natazzz said...

Glad to hear you guys are agreeing with me about the fun episode.

Rose, that was indeed a great scene. About time that woman learned to stand up for herself.