Monday, February 9, 2009

When did I become a complaining adult?

When I was a student I loved being a student and I often thought “Wouldn’t it be great to be a student forever?” As soon as I got my first proper full-time job out of college I changed my mind.
Even though I loved the laziness and care freeness of student life, I found it much more rewarding to make enough money to not only be financially independent, but also do whatever I wanted.

Not to mention that I never had to take another exam in my life, attend frat parties, or live in a student flat. Actually, I stayed in student housing for way too many years because it was pretty much impossible to find decent affordable apartments in Amsterdam where I was living at the time.

Still, once I finally had my own apartment I never looked back on the hell of sharing a house with too many people who were loud and disgusting.

It is funny how your perspective changes after a while. Last night I was stuck in an overcrowded train filled with student and their huge backpacks. Gawd, how they all annoyed me.

Because the Netherlands is so small, it is pretty common for students to go visit their parents on the weekend. You know, they get free food and if they are lucky they even get their laundry washed.

It is pathetic if you think about it. At least, that is what I was thinking last night. If only some of these students would grow up and learn to do their laundry themselves, they would have had less baggage with them and I would have proper room to sit on the train.

Students did not used to bother me before. When did I become a complaining adult? Must have something to do with becoming a teacher and being on the other side of the lecture hall. Or perhaps it has more to do with being on the other side of 30…

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J. said...

Umm umm um... I so understand what you mean.. but then.. umm umm.. I'm still a student too.. oh the dilema!!

I just think it is age actually.. the list of complaints is endless.. when on earth have I become such a grumpy "old" woman, lol...