Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Questions about Episode 6.03 of the L word

Why is this episode called LMFAO? I did not think it was funny at all…WTF or My eyes, my eyes would have been a better title with all that nauseating Shenny stuff we had to sit through. I honestly don’t know what was worse, the Shenny sex or the Shenny being all loved up.

WTF people? It’s not just that I think Shane and Jenny make for a very weird and unsuitable couple, but c’mon, it is the least likely story ever. Jenny was supposed to be the BFF, the one person Shane would never fuck.

It’s only been weeks, or days even, since she was supposedly madly in love with Molly and fucked Jenny’s GF. I have heard of overlapping relationships before, but this is just totally ridiculous.
When did the L word become Days of our lives? All we need is someone in a coma and someone doing their half sister and we’re there (we already have the pregnant man). It is just getting weirder and more over the top and I am not amused.

Why does Tina say all right in every other sentence? I think I like her so much better when she is having adulterous affairs with Bette, than when she is being bossed around at work and taking it.

Since when is Jody such a smug bitch? I thought she used to be so easy going and did not do relationship drama. She certainly never had a problem getting along with her exes in the past. Couldn’t they give her a better (and more believable) storyline?
Phyllis wants Bette? WTF! I mean, of course she does, who doesn’t, but c’mon…where do they come up with this crap?
The only part of this Episode I actually kind of liked was with Alice and the kid on the roof. It was about time we got to see Alice’s nicer side again.


Feylamia said...

I think Ilene got fed up with everybody saying her stories were bad so she got really really drunk and made a plan to screw with us big time. "If you thought last season was bad check this out!" :-D

At least we've still got Alice & Tasha, I'd hate to see them break up.

Natazzz said...

I don't get it though, because I actually thought that last season was pretty good.

I really enjoyed watching it...but I'm afraid I can't say the same about this season.

Feylamia said...

The writing is, and has always been, very over the top and downright bad sometimes, but I still liked it. I even like this season - Dylan's back, Tasha and Bette keep laughing, they show Tasha's arms and then there's Shane's outfit in this episode. The one she wears at the planet when talking to Alice. Those things alone are enough to keep me happy. Even if (and I wouldn't rule that out at this point) it wasn't any of the L Word girls who killed Jenny but a bunch of aliens in cow costumes. ;)

But I get what people on the forums mean - most of the characters aren't consistent and I can see how personality switching might put people off. I was very surprised to find myself disliking Shane last season, I'd always liked how loyal she was to her friends and suddenly they took that away from the character and all that was left was a prototypical lesbian player.