Friday, February 6, 2009

Music Memory Moment: Nirvana-Where did you sleep last night

I had a boyfriend once. Yep, a real one. It lasted exactly 6 weeks. Good times. Actually, I really liked this guy. I was 17 and spending the summer at a youth hostel near the seaside. That summer was a non stop fun ride of too much drinking, too much smoking, little sleeping, new experiences and fun fun fun.

You know, the way you can only have fun when you are young, and everything you see and do is new and exciting. It was a great summer. The same summer that made me realize I was in love with my best friend.

While my feelings for my friend continued to intrigue and confuse me, there was also this boy that I liked. He was one of those cool guys who never said too much, he was quiet and usually stoned. Or drunk. Or both. And he liked heavy metal.

He was a nice guy though, apart from when he had too much too drink, then he became really weird. Anyways, I liked him and he liked me and for a while during that summer we were dating. Dating or more exactly getting drunk and stoned together and making out.

That was the summer that Nirvana’s Unplugged CD came out and he really liked it. Actually, I think it was the only non heavy metal CD he enjoyed listening to. He was especially obsessed with the Where did you sleep last night song.

Damn, now that I am writing it down I am thinking I am confusing him with another dude. I am not sure. That just shows you what kinds of impact these guys made on me…can’t even remember who is who.

Actually it does not matter, because what I do know for sure is that my friend I had the big crush on had that Nirvana CD on tape and we listening to it on her Walkman together. Ah good times, I never upgraded…not even to a Discman. I stopped with the tapes.

Anyways, whenever I hear any of those songs from the Nirvana Unplugged CD, especially the About a girl song I think back on that summer when I was 17 (and now it also makes me think of another dude at another time lol).

(Perhaps they both loved it. Who knows, they both seemed to be rather obsessed with being cheated on, even though only one of them turned out to be a cheater himself).

Yes, this was an entire post about boys. Don’t worry, I’ll be back to talking about women as usual tomorrow…


jennifer from pittsburgh said...

You're not the only one who has Nirvana figuring prominently in the soundtrack of their life ;) Songs are the best touchstones to our past!

Natazzz said...

Oh I would love to compile an actual soundtrack of my life...

If I ever find the time I'm going to write up the enitre double CD.