Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Cute little drugged out lesbians on Skins

Skins is the over the top teenage drama about a group of youth that spend too much time drinking, doing drugs, having sex and getting into fights. It’s like Gossip Girl on crack and not in a metaphorical way (Watch the trailer of Season 3 here, but only if you aren’t faint hearted).

I personally am not a big fan of shows that try to shock audiences by showing teenagers engage in meaningless sex and violence (I still haven’t gotten over watching Kids all those years ago), but because of the possible lesbian storyline I thought I would check out the episode entitled Pandora (Episode 3.04) that aired on Channel 4 last night.

Besides, the show is up for a GLAAD award, so how bad can it be, right?

I am not sure I can answer that question, because I was too busy trying to figure out what I was watching. There is a lot of confusing straight relationship drama on this show, like one cute girl wants her boyfriend back so badly that she doesn’t have time to focus on her friend who’s having a breakdown.

We learn useful information that “putting on pyjama’s and playing twister is more fun than getting F***ed.” Then there’s some guy who finds out that his wife’s been having an affair with his boss when the guy shows up on his doorstep and starts kissing his wife.

What follows is a slumber party with a group of teenage girls and a bash of drugged brownies. We all know that that combination can only lead to one thing: girl on girl kissing.

Read the enitre recap here.

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