Saturday, February 28, 2009

Enjoying boring “grown up” things

When you get to be in your thirties there’s two things you can do: You can either try to hang on to the illusion that you are still as cool, energetic and exciting as you were in your twenties or just embrace your newfound boringness.

Am I exaggerating? Maybe. But the fact remains that more and more these days my friends and I decide to stay home with a few bottles of wine instead of going out. When we do go out we tend to start early and go home at a decent hour.

I can’t say I am drinking any less than I did when I was a student, but I can no longer have unlimited amounts of alcohol, no sleep and be productive at work the next day. Neither do I want to.

Other boring stuff I enjoy besides not staying up all night partying, include going for daily walks. I started doing this a while ago just to get some exercise, but now I love it and it’s part of my daily routine.

Every single day I take an hourly break of what I am doing to go for a walk. It’s great for both getting some fresh air, some exercise and to clear your head. For someone like me who spends most of her time behind a computer, it’s ideal.

Apart from one other person (you know who you are), I know very few people who would enjoy this hobby. Well, apart from the senior citizens of course. But I don’t really care. I like it and that’s all that matters.

Another thing I love that’s not so much boring, but part of having a “grown up” job, is that I now travel first class on trains. It’s a luxury worth every cent, especially during rush hour when the second class is so overcrowded.

An extra nice little bonus is that most first class trains now have electricity so you can plug in your laptop. I guess it’s kind of boring to get excited about this, but I do. Trust me, there’s far worse stuff I get excited about, but I will keep those things to myself for now…

Friday, February 27, 2009

Don’t see it: The fine art of love

“This is one of those movies that at first glance appears to be one thing and then turns out to be something completely different. I haven’t quite figured out yet, whether or not that’s a good thing. I am rather strongly leaning towards no.

It was certainly captivating, but this film is definitely not for everyone. Why? Because you think you are going to watch a light film about a group of innocent girls at a boarding school, but instead you get sucked into quite a violent and explicit thriller.

I guess I should have been forewarned when I saw the “16” age label on the cover, because in the Netherlands we reserve that label only for the worst kind of stuff. Let me elaborate. The fine art of love is the British/Italian/Czech Republic movie from 2005 based on the book “Mine ha-ha or the physical education for girls” by German author Frank Wedekind.

It tells the story of a group of orphans at an all girls’ college that is situated in a deep and dark forest somewhere in the middle of nowhere. With the middle of nowhere I actually mean the German state Thuringia at the time of the early twentieth century, but trust me as a person who’s actually lived there I can tell you that it is pretty much the same thing.

The girls have no idea where they come from or what their lives were like before they came to the all girls’ school. In fact, they are totally clueless about what the outside world is like. As is usually the case with boarding schools like these, the girls are brought up in a very strict and sober manner.

All day long they have to attend ballet lessons as well as take etiquette classes on how to become a proper lady. They do all this in order to achieve the highest goal, namely to be picked as the prima ballerina in the big ballet production that will be performed for the prince. Over the course of this movie it becomes clear that saying the prince is worth all this effort is the understatement of the year.”

Read the entire review here.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

YouTube Thursday: My favourite food shows

The only thing I like more than to eat good food, besides cooking and talking about food, is to watch others prepare a nice meal. I am a big fan of almost any cooking programme on TV, well, apart from those with Gordon Ramsey, because I think he’s a right ass.

Here are some of my favourite food shows:

Top Chef

A little competition can make for fun watching...

Jamie Oliver

I love how he makes simple every day dishes extra yummy...

Nigella Lawson

Speaking of extra yummy...

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

We are everywhere

In case you have missed the memo, I’ve become the new entertainment editor of the wonderful eurOut website. Eurout is the site for all your European queer needs, featuring entertainment, news and politics.

I’d already been writing for eurout for a while now, which has always been a lot of fun. But now I have a new excuse for spending way too much time behind my laptop. One of the great perks of being an eurout editor, is that I get to write the awesome We are everywhere column.

WAE is a weekly column that gives an overview of everything gay that has happened all over Europe the past week. It’s a lot of work to gather all that information, but turning it into a nice little column is such fun.

The first WAE that I wrote came out last Saturday and includes stuff about lesbian vampire killers, authors, tennis players, handball players, musicians, heartthrobs, books, films, television and lots more.

Check it out here.

When I started writing, one of my goals or what I hoped to achieve was to work on something cool and meaningful like eurout. I’m very stoked to be part of the team. If you aren’t a regular visitor of eurout yet, what the hell is wrong with you? Go visit there now and you better like it too!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Why did I watch Episode 6.06 of the L word?

In the first few minutes of this episode it already becomes perfectly clear that the enjoyment I experienced watching last week’s episode of the L word was a one-off thing. Now we are back to horrible, unbelievable, boring or just plain annoying television.

Am I overreacting? Perhaps I am, but c’mon, what the F is up with that retarded baby shower? Haven’t we made fun of the pregnant Trans man enough? That scene wasn’t interesting or fun. It was just a complete waste of air time.

Luckily I got to giggle for a second when awesome Joyce Wiscnia sends a text message that Beth and Tina are boring her to death. That makes two of us Joyce! Who cares about all this baby crap? I certainly don’t.

Still, of all the possible ways they could have chosen to have all this pregnancy crap play out, they have Bette and Tina adopt Max’s child? With every minute this show becomes more and more like the worst kind of soap opera I’ve ever seen.
Watching through all this BS was almost worth it, just for the whole Alice, Tasha and Jamie scenes. Oh man, that sure was hot. I know, I know, it’s so wrong to have sex with your girlfriend right after getting turned on by seeing someone else naked. But still.

I enjoyed that little scene. It’s why we watch this show, right? Wait, what, it’s not supposed to only be about hot sex scenes? Well, I rather believe that than think this show is trying to give an accurate representation of queer life.

Monday, February 23, 2009

An oldie but a goodie: Desert Hearts

I finally watched the lesbian classic movie Desert Hearts. Even though I have seen more than my fair share of lesbian films, there’s quite a few older ones I never got around to watching. When I finally do, they are usually quite disappointing for two reasons. They are either very dated or just utterly depressing. It was a really pleasant surprise to find out that Desert Hearts is neither.

Desert Hearts is the 1985 romantic drama based on the book Desert of the heart by Jane Rule (I didn’t know this and was quite surprised, because I read some of Rule’s stuff and I can’t say I was very impressed) and directed by Donna Deitch.

It tells the story of Vivian (played by Helen Shaver), a college professor who goes to stay in Reno for six weeks in order to be able to get a divorce from her husband. While she is there she meets Cay (played by Patricia Charbonneau), a free spirited artist who works at a casino.

From the first moment they meet the women are intrigued by one another. Soon they start spending more and more time together, much to the dismay of the people around them, especially Frances, the woman Vivian is staying with who also happens to be Cay’s surrogate mother.

It becomes pretty obvious that the two women are very into each other, however, as with any romantic movie, it takes a while for them to not only admit to it, but to act on it as well. Cay has a history with women, but for Vivian it is all pretty new.

They face the usual problems like questioning whether they really want to be with each other, accepting one’s sexual orientation and dealing with how the outside world reacts to them. The fact that all this takes place in 1959 doesn’t make matters any easier.
Despite all this, or perhaps because of this, the story this movie tells is timeless. Regardless of the time or the circumstances, when you find someone that “reaches in a puts a string of lights around your heart” that is really all that matters.

There were a few scenes in this movie that made me raise my eyebrows. One of those is when Cay decides to take a bubble bath with one of her straight friends and talk all about how she’s into Vivian. Who takes baths with their friends?

Other really awesome scenes in this film, like Vivian and Cay’s first kiss in a rainstorm or the final scene of the movie, more than make up for the few weird ones. Did I mention this movie also includes a really really hot sex scene?

Desert Hearts is a great lesbian love story, especially for its time. No one went crazy or ended up dead, which in this genre is always a nice bonus. Like I mentioned at the start, I have seen many lesbian films over the years and a lot of them are pretty bad.

Not Desert Hearts. I am glad to say it was more than worth watching and if you haven’t seen it yet, I would suggest you put it on your Netflix list.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Dollhouse: Are you a fan yet?

Just a brief blogpost to say that I love Josh Whedon’s new TV series Dollhouse. Sure, I get what all the scepticism and lukewarm responses are about, but there is so much to like I don’t think we should complain about petty details.

First of all, I have to say I am very biased as up to now I have loved pretty much everything that Whedon has done. I’m still a huge Buffy fan, and I also heart his other shows Angel and Firefly just as much.

There is something about his storylines and characters that I find very appealing. Now my favourite Buffy character and actress is starring in her own Josh Whedon show. What’s not to love?
Yep, Eliza could pretty much just stand there looking hot in a tank top for 50 minutes and I would enjoy it. So seeing her in a show with an actual plot is very exciting. My second favourite character on Angel Fred (my favourite is Wesley), played by Amy Acker also stars in this.

I quite like the premise of the show about these actives who get their identities erased and get uploaded with new ones in order to fill certain clients need. What I am hoping for is great character development as well as more exploration of the relationships between the people working at the organization.

Not sure where they are going with all this, but it would make sense if we soon find out that this identity erasing thing doesn’t really work that well (it never does on other shows like Alias) and actives will start to remember things.
Can’t wait to find out.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

YouTube Thursday: Favourite French and Saunders spoofs

I used to be a big French and Saunders fan, but it had been a few years since I have seen any of their stuff.

I recently spend way too much time watching them on YouTube and I loved it so much I decided to share some of my favourite spoofs with you.

Silence of the Lambs

Britney and Madonna video


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Cute little drugged out lesbians on Skins

Skins is the over the top teenage drama about a group of youth that spend too much time drinking, doing drugs, having sex and getting into fights. It’s like Gossip Girl on crack and not in a metaphorical way (Watch the trailer of Season 3 here, but only if you aren’t faint hearted).

I personally am not a big fan of shows that try to shock audiences by showing teenagers engage in meaningless sex and violence (I still haven’t gotten over watching Kids all those years ago), but because of the possible lesbian storyline I thought I would check out the episode entitled Pandora (Episode 3.04) that aired on Channel 4 last night.

Besides, the show is up for a GLAAD award, so how bad can it be, right?

I am not sure I can answer that question, because I was too busy trying to figure out what I was watching. There is a lot of confusing straight relationship drama on this show, like one cute girl wants her boyfriend back so badly that she doesn’t have time to focus on her friend who’s having a breakdown.

We learn useful information that “putting on pyjama’s and playing twister is more fun than getting F***ed.” Then there’s some guy who finds out that his wife’s been having an affair with his boss when the guy shows up on his doorstep and starts kissing his wife.

What follows is a slumber party with a group of teenage girls and a bash of drugged brownies. We all know that that combination can only lead to one thing: girl on girl kissing.

Read the enitre recap here.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Why I loved Episode 6.05 of the L word

Just when you think this show cannot get any worse, it goes and redeems itself. Well, sort of. This week’s episode of the L word was a lot of fun to watch. Sure, it was still totally ridiculous and over the top, but in a fun way.

First thing that made me LOL happened in the very first scene. Tina has turned into Beth! Gawd, now they are both obsessed with work. The fun is temporarily interrupted when Alice goes mental over Jenny stealing her script (Why is Alice even surprised by this?), but then we are back to good times when Beth and Tina make fun of Alice’s obsession with Jamie.

Who knew there were signs to tell you are having a third-person crush? See, you learn new stuff from the L word every single week. Seriously though, this plot line might be just a tad silly, but I can’t wait for them to have a threesome.

I already think Alice and Tasha are super hot together, and well, that Jamie girl is pretty cute too. I can’t even imagine what it would be like. It better be hot and not end badly (Well, at least not straight away. We all know threesome’s always end badly. Hypothetically speaking, of course).

Speaking of hot: Helena and Dylan. Damn! I am not a big fan of Helena and I honestly never find her sex scenes very enticing, except from when she is with Dylan. Man, those two have great chemistry. That would make me go back to the ex that screwed me over too…

But I’m jumping the gun here. First there’s this great scene where the gang decides to come up with a test for Dylan to prove whether or not she is sincere. So funny. I’m just not quite sure if Niki is the right kind of bait.

I mean, regardless of whether or not you are a gold digger, if you are into women like Helena, would you go for a slutty airheaded nineteen year old? I totally loved the room with all the surveillance cameras. Talk about over the top. Funniest part of this scene: they brought popcorn!

Oh, I loved this episode. Why couldn’t they all be like this one? Well, three more to go. If only it would stays this fun, but I very much doubt it.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Lesbian storyline on Los Hombres de Paco

“You might have already heard a little bit about this Spanish TV show called Los hombres de Paco (Paco’s men) and the lesbian storyline it is featuring right now. Or as I like to call it, the bisexual drama complete with pregnancy issues that it has turned in to.

I mean that in the nicest possible way though, because despite my scepticism beforehand, after watching compilations of this show for two nights straight to get caught up, I actually quite like this show. I especially loved this one scene where the two women are stuck in an elevator together and all you hear are their thoughts.

They are so into each other and you know it is just a matter of time before something happens between them. Before we bring you the latest recaps about all this Spanish queer drama, here is a quick summary about the show and the lesbian storyline so far.

Los hombres de Paco is a Spanish TV dramatic comedy, also known as a dramary, about a police officer and his squad. Like any good dramary (or soap opera for that matter), this show is filled with lots of complicated relationships between all the main characters, as well as fun police crimes, shootouts and kidnappings.

It also just happens to feature a pretty hot and dramatic lesbian storyline. The couple in question are Pepa, a police officer, (played by Laura Sánchez) and Silvia, a forensic expert (played by Marian Aguilera), who have been branded with the charming shipper name Pepsi.

Since the story about the two women became more prominent last season, the show has grown in popularity with lesbians everywhere. This is mainly because, for the most part, their storyline is very nicely done, it is well written and even a little realistic if you like.

In addition, the fact that both actresses are really hot, probably does not hurt either. I could personally watch Pepa prance around being an outspoken confident sexy dyke all day.”

Read more here.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

What are you doing for Valentine’s day?

Happy Valentine’s day everyone! Are you celebrating Valentine’s today or do you think it is all a bunch of nonsense? And tell me honestly, to what extend is your answer dependent on whether or not you are single right now?

I personally never really understood the concept of Valentine’s day. Then again, I am not much of a fan of most holidays. I just don’t get why you should do something romantic and special just because it is Valentine’s day.

Why can’t you be romantic on any other day? Don’t even get me started on those Valentine cards. Who came up with that crap? Clearly I am not a very romantic person, but that does not mean I do not appreciate a nice gesture.

Still, there is such a thing as a nice gesture or doing something special for someone and buying them one of those ridiculous cards that are all pink and shiny with hearts and other crap on them.

I am not just saying that because I am bitter because when I was younger I was one of those girls who never had a secret valentine. I did send out a few though. What is the point of anonymous card sending, anyway?

I guess Valentine’s day has turned into a major money making event, just like most other major holidays. Still, if you want to go and spend tens of dollars on cute pink cards, stuffed animals and boxes of chocolates, go right ahead. Enjoy your consumerism!

P.S. Yes, I am single.

Friday, February 13, 2009

TV shows you should own on DVD: Twin Peaks

I just finished watching season 2 of the brilliant TV series Twin Peaks on DVD. To be honest, I did not even remember there was a second season. I must have seen it though, once upon a time, because the episodes (or at least the general storyline) seemed somewhat familiar.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Twin Peaks (how is that possible?) it’s this weird and quirky drama series by David Lynch about this little town somewhere in the United States called Twin Peaks.

In this usually quiet and peaceful town, the body of a young high school student named Laura Palmer is found. The series follows the investigation into the murder of Laura Palmer and the events leading up to her death.

We sound find out that there is a lot more going on in Twin Peaks than it appears on the surface. For starters, pretty much every one in the little town is having affairs with everyone else. When they are not busy sneaking around for sex or love, they are up to all sorts of other misbehaviour.

Not only are the inhabitants of Twin Peaks sneaky and adulterous, they are also very very weird. Well, most of them anyway. There is the lady who only talks to her log, a crazy woman with an eye patch (but not in a cool way like a pirate), and an equally crazy and messed up psychiatrist.

Then of course there are the strange and mysterious going ons. We are not sure whether they are memories or dreams or if these things really took place. There is a really creepy guy with one arm and a little person dancing around.

Think it all sounds a little silly? Well, that is Twin Peaks for you. Don’t worry, it is not just weird and crazy, it is also filled with attractive women. You know, in a late eighties/early nineties sort of way.

When Twin Peaks first appeared on television, sometime during the early nineties I found it all very scary. I mean, there was a murder, a mystery, creepy guys with limbs missing, crazy people and scary dreams.

I can’t say I still feel the same. I do think these series are really awesome though. All these characters are so weird, but in a good way, and the story told is very captivating. It probably helped that it had been a few years since I had seen it, but I really could not remember the storyline exactly.

So there were a few pleasant surprises when watching this series again. Also I found it very funny that Special Agent Cooper now has a role on Desperate Housewife. Can’t say the same about most other actors on this show. Apart from a few B movies, I haven’t really seen them in anything great.

If you enjoyed Twin Peaks as much as I did, why haven’t you bought it on DVD yet? And if it is all new to you, go check it out today. I promise, you won’t regret it.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

YouTube Thursday: the best of Los Hombres de Paco

In case you have missed it, for a while now there has been this Spanish TV dramary called Los Hombres de Paco that features a pretty prominent lesbian storyline. An in depth summary of the show will follow shorty, but for now I just wanted to shared some of my favourite scenes with you.


Pepa and Silvia are supposed to go on their first date, but Sylvia stands Pepa up. However, it is all worth it for the scene when they later meet in the elevator

Pepa and Silvia finally kiss (try to ignore the creepy relatives watching)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

You should see it: Unveiled (Fremde Haut)

“Next time you feel like being a lesbian in Europe is hard, think of what it must be like for someone living in a country like Iran. I know this is not the kind of introduction you were expecting from a review of a typical lesbian movie. Well, in my defence I would like to say that what I want to talk about is anything but a typical lesbian movie.

Fremde Haut (known as “Unveiled” in all non-German speaking countries) is the 2005 movie by Angelina Maccarone about an Iranian woman named Fariba who has to flee her country to avoid prosecution after the vice police finds out she is having a relationship with another woman.

As most of you probably know, Iran is not the best place to live if you happen to be gay or lesbian. Homosexuality is viewed as a crime that is punishable by death and this is not just in theory. Even very recently, human rights groups reported about the public floggings and executions of those accused of being homosexual. Punishment tends to be slightly less harsh for lesbians than gay men, but running the risk of being flogged a hundred times for being gay would make me flee the country too.

Fariba tries to seek asylum in Germany, but because she cannot bring herself to admit why she had to leave Iran and therefore makes up a story instead, she is denied residency. To avoid being send back to Iran and risk being killed for being a lesbian, she takes on the identity of an Iranian man from the refugee camp who committed suicide. Luckily, this way she does get temporal residency in Germany.”

Read the entire review here.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Complaining about Episode 6.04 of the L word

This used to a show I really enjoyed watching. Sure, it has always had its problems, but it used to be good clean lesbian soap opera-ish soft porny fun. If nothing else, you could at least watch it for the hot make out scenes.

We are already half way through the final season, as so far we haven’t had all that many hot make out scenes. No, Shane and Jenny does not count. Most of us watch this show for a reason, and it isn’t to see the storyline of a pregnant FTM.


There is just so much wrong with it, I really do not know where to start. Not only is this storyline a) highly unlikely and b) ripped off from the pregnant FTM who was in the news last year.
Of all the things they could have chosen to have happen to Max, of all the many interesting stories to be told about a transgendered character, they decided to make him pregnant. Yep, let’s give the transgendered character a huge caveman like beard and a huge pregnant belly that sounds like an awesome idea.

But you know what is the worst about all this? The fact that Daniela Sea is such a crappy actor. Come to think of it, Tom the interpreter guy isn’t much better. I honestly found it painful to watch their scenes.

The second most annoying thing about this episode was the Beth/Kelly storyline. Are we really supposed to believe that someone like Beth used to be head over heals for that Saved by the Bell chick?

The woman has no charisma. Not to mention hardly any acting ability. It is not good when watching one of your favourite show makes you feel uneasy, and not in a good way.

Anything I liked? Well, I liked Alice flirting with that chick that came over for dinner, even though it was so WRONG. If I was dating Tasha, I sure wouldn’t be looking elsewhere. Also, I’m kinda curious to see where the whole Helena/Dylan thing is going. That’s about it.

Monday, February 9, 2009

When did I become a complaining adult?

When I was a student I loved being a student and I often thought “Wouldn’t it be great to be a student forever?” As soon as I got my first proper full-time job out of college I changed my mind.
Even though I loved the laziness and care freeness of student life, I found it much more rewarding to make enough money to not only be financially independent, but also do whatever I wanted.

Not to mention that I never had to take another exam in my life, attend frat parties, or live in a student flat. Actually, I stayed in student housing for way too many years because it was pretty much impossible to find decent affordable apartments in Amsterdam where I was living at the time.

Still, once I finally had my own apartment I never looked back on the hell of sharing a house with too many people who were loud and disgusting.

It is funny how your perspective changes after a while. Last night I was stuck in an overcrowded train filled with student and their huge backpacks. Gawd, how they all annoyed me.

Because the Netherlands is so small, it is pretty common for students to go visit their parents on the weekend. You know, they get free food and if they are lucky they even get their laundry washed.

It is pathetic if you think about it. At least, that is what I was thinking last night. If only some of these students would grow up and learn to do their laundry themselves, they would have had less baggage with them and I would have proper room to sit on the train.

Students did not used to bother me before. When did I become a complaining adult? Must have something to do with becoming a teacher and being on the other side of the lecture hall. Or perhaps it has more to do with being on the other side of 30…

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Laptop free weekend

I am about to start my laptop free weekend.

It's been a while since I have had one of those, so I'm kinda scared, but I think I will be ok...

Rachel Maddow: Do her or be her?

Even though I have never actually watched an entire episode of her new show, all YouTube clips everyone keeps posting of Rachel Maddow make me slowly understand what all the fuss is about.

I might be saying something completely obvious, but damn, there is just something about that woman. I can’t quite put my finger on it, although I probably don’t need to elaborate as it is very likely that if you are into women you are into Rachel Maddow.

She is pretty awesome. Not only is she very smart and very well versed, she is also very funny. Not to mention really really hot. To be honest, I fell in love with her sneakers first. Don’t know if you’ve noticed, but she’s got the best.sneakers.ever.
With some women you like it is really obvious why you like them. To speak in total black and whites terms, most women you like you either want to do them or be like them. However, with Rachel Maddow I am not too sure.

I do think she is really hot, but I also think her style is so very cool. The glasses, and the shirts and the sneakers…it all makes me wish I could be that cool. If I would only look half as awesome as she does in those outfits, I would change my style in a heartbeat.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Music Memory Moment: Nirvana-Where did you sleep last night

I had a boyfriend once. Yep, a real one. It lasted exactly 6 weeks. Good times. Actually, I really liked this guy. I was 17 and spending the summer at a youth hostel near the seaside. That summer was a non stop fun ride of too much drinking, too much smoking, little sleeping, new experiences and fun fun fun.

You know, the way you can only have fun when you are young, and everything you see and do is new and exciting. It was a great summer. The same summer that made me realize I was in love with my best friend.

While my feelings for my friend continued to intrigue and confuse me, there was also this boy that I liked. He was one of those cool guys who never said too much, he was quiet and usually stoned. Or drunk. Or both. And he liked heavy metal.

He was a nice guy though, apart from when he had too much too drink, then he became really weird. Anyways, I liked him and he liked me and for a while during that summer we were dating. Dating or more exactly getting drunk and stoned together and making out.

That was the summer that Nirvana’s Unplugged CD came out and he really liked it. Actually, I think it was the only non heavy metal CD he enjoyed listening to. He was especially obsessed with the Where did you sleep last night song.

Damn, now that I am writing it down I am thinking I am confusing him with another dude. I am not sure. That just shows you what kinds of impact these guys made on me…can’t even remember who is who.

Actually it does not matter, because what I do know for sure is that my friend I had the big crush on had that Nirvana CD on tape and we listening to it on her Walkman together. Ah good times, I never upgraded…not even to a Discman. I stopped with the tapes.

Anyways, whenever I hear any of those songs from the Nirvana Unplugged CD, especially the About a girl song I think back on that summer when I was 17 (and now it also makes me think of another dude at another time lol).

(Perhaps they both loved it. Who knows, they both seemed to be rather obsessed with being cheated on, even though only one of them turned out to be a cheater himself).

Yes, this was an entire post about boys. Don’t worry, I’ll be back to talking about women as usual tomorrow…

Thursday, February 5, 2009

YouTube Thursday: Straight folks singing about lesbians and lesbianism

I thought my blog has featured way too many queer artists lately, so to make up for that I found you some songs by straight artists…who just happen to sing about lesbians or lesbianism.

Weezer-Pink triangle

I used to love Weezer. Anyone know what's happened to them?

Jill Sobule-I kissed a girl

So much better than that other song...

Megan Hounshell–I’m not a lesbian

Awesome song...

T.a.t.u-All the things she said

C'mon, admit it, you love this song too...

Any interesting ones I forgot?

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Blog crush: Spitzle the Clown

I’m sure by now you all know about my strange obsession with clowns. Ok perhaps it is not so much an obsession, but I do think they are very creepy and evil…but in a fun way, it’s not like I have Clown phobia or something.

What is the proper word for someone who is afraid of clowns, anyone? I’d love to know (and I’m too lazy to Google it).

I recently found out about this awesome blog (thanks Jennifer) called Spitzle the Clown. Spitzle isn’t just any clown, but a creepy and evil one, just the way I like them. The photos and text that are posted on this blog are seriously disturbing.

For example, on January 25 the following Blog entry was posted:

You didn’t see me.
I've been here the whole time, as you went about your business of closing up for the night. A few more minutes, and you'll be asleep.”

This is accompanied by a creepy picture of Spitzle lurking, pretty much in the same as the creepy It clown, although I am sure Spitzle wasn’t hiding in the sewers. Then again, you never know…

Do you like evil clowns as much as I do? Check out this awesome blog!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Questions about Episode 6.03 of the L word

Why is this episode called LMFAO? I did not think it was funny at all…WTF or My eyes, my eyes would have been a better title with all that nauseating Shenny stuff we had to sit through. I honestly don’t know what was worse, the Shenny sex or the Shenny being all loved up.

WTF people? It’s not just that I think Shane and Jenny make for a very weird and unsuitable couple, but c’mon, it is the least likely story ever. Jenny was supposed to be the BFF, the one person Shane would never fuck.

It’s only been weeks, or days even, since she was supposedly madly in love with Molly and fucked Jenny’s GF. I have heard of overlapping relationships before, but this is just totally ridiculous.
When did the L word become Days of our lives? All we need is someone in a coma and someone doing their half sister and we’re there (we already have the pregnant man). It is just getting weirder and more over the top and I am not amused.

Why does Tina say all right in every other sentence? I think I like her so much better when she is having adulterous affairs with Bette, than when she is being bossed around at work and taking it.

Since when is Jody such a smug bitch? I thought she used to be so easy going and did not do relationship drama. She certainly never had a problem getting along with her exes in the past. Couldn’t they give her a better (and more believable) storyline?
Phyllis wants Bette? WTF! I mean, of course she does, who doesn’t, but c’mon…where do they come up with this crap?
The only part of this Episode I actually kind of liked was with Alice and the kid on the roof. It was about time we got to see Alice’s nicer side again.

Monday, February 2, 2009

You should read it: Het Elfde Gebod by Peter Jaspers

“When I was 17 I first realized I liked women in a way that was different to that of most of my straight girlfriends. I was not sure what to do about it (besides hoping it would just go away), but as an avid reader and frequent library visitor, I did search my local library for everything and anything I could find on homosexuality.

This wasn’t too difficult, as all books had genre labels on the side, with a label with two faces kissing with the word “homo” written above it indicating gay content. The only difficulty that needed to be overcome was to find the courage to actually check out the books with these obvious labels.

I always made sure I added a lot of straight books too, just so it would not be noticed too much. It is only looking back on it now, that I realize most of the library ladies probably couldn’t care less which books I was checking out.

One of those books I sneaked out of the library while I was in high school was the 1960 novel “Het Elfde Gebod” (The Eleventh Commandment) by Peter Jaspers. This novel tells the story of what it was like to be queer in a small religious town in the Netherlands during the 1950s. It is all about being closeted, lack of acceptance and a lot of doom and gloom.”

Read the entire review here.