Tuesday, January 20, 2009

What I learned from Episode 6.01 of the L word

Have you ever noticed how the L word isn’t just a fun lesbian soft porn soap opera, but that it’s also filled with fun and educational life lessons? You haven’t? Well, then you must not have been paying attention.

The first episode of the final season of the L word was filled with lots of handy advice on what not to do.

Lesson number 1: Don’t be a total selfish crazy-ass bitch, because you might end up floating in the swimming pool.
Lesson number 2: Don’t F your best friend’s girlfriend and then try to justify it by saying you didn’t F her, you only ate her out.
Lesson number 3: Don’t ever think you deserve some credit for not cheating on your girlfriend.
P.S. They might have nothing in common, but I think they’re Fing hot together.

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Feylamia said...

"Lesson number 2: Don't F your best friend's girlfriend and then try to justify it by saying you didn't F her, you only ate her out."

That was just brilliant. :-D

Re: Alice/Tasha - I agree. I love them together (even if Tasha deserves better).