Monday, January 5, 2009

Naked neighbour part 2

Remember how I told you all about my naked neighbour who’s tinted bathroom windows don’t really tint? Well, since I blogged about it I had been thinking about what to do about it and asking some more people for advice.

Even though some of you suggested I should leave a note, most of my friends seemed to think I should just leave it alone. They either didn’t see the problem, did not think she had a problem with it or they did not want for it to become a problem.

I had not seen my neighbour naked in a while, because I am a lazy ass and did not happen to get up as early as she does. Then all of a sudden the other day I noticed that she has moved out and I now have a couple of new neighbours.

It looks like some students moved in and they aren’t too bothered about the badly tinted window either (or perhaps they also do not realize it is see through when it is dark outside).

So instead of looking at a beautiful naked woman, I am now looking at naked frat boys.

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