Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Whatever happened to…Neve Campbell?

I used to have a huge crush on Neve Campbell. This started years before I had ever seen her make out with Denise Richards in Wild things, even though that didn’t exactly hurt my little obsession.

I first noticed her in Party of Five, one of the greatest and most underrated TV shows of the early nineties. For years I watched this series faithfully each week in which Neve played the character of Julia, a studious and self-conscious high school girl.

It is one of the first TV series I remember watching, that focused on all the every day self-created drama of being a teenager or young adult. All those crushes, unrequited love, and self-esteem issues. Not only did I love all the drama and misery, I also loved the soundtrack of the series.

Julia was such a great character. The young insecure girl, trying to fit in and falling for the wrong boys. At least I recall her dating this bad boy named Griffin. I think she also experimented a little with girls during her college years, but unfortunately I had stopped watching the show by then.
I loved most of the movies that Neve Campbell starred in during the late nineties. I thought the Scream horror trilogy was awesome when it came out and I think I actually watched each film at the theatre. In fact, I think I watched all of her movies at the theatre.

I recently caught part of the Craft on television and I could not believe how bad it was. I guess my standards for good films were a little lower when I was 19. Although another of her movies, Three to Tango, stands the test of time pretty good.

Who doesn’t recall (vividly) watching Neve Campbell in Wild things at the theatre? It looks a little tame now, but back in 1998 it was really really hot, especially for someone like me who was still closeted. Closeted yes, but I had never been more sure I was gay.

The last movie I recall watching that starred Neve was the Company, a rather boring affair about a dancer. She has done several movies since then, but none of them got much attention. At least, I never took much notice.

According to IMBD, Neve starred in a few episodes of several TV shows the last few years, including the God-awful Medium. She is also supposed to star in a few upcoming movies, but most of these are not even in production.

I guess the good thing about this is that Neve is still actively pursuing an acting career. Although I wish she would just hurry up and make a great “come back”. Surely, I cannot be the only one who would love to watch her star in some great new movies?
I have read a few rumours on the internet that there might be a Scream 4 in 2010 that is supposed to once again star Neve Campbell as Sidney Prescott. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

You should read it: Stephen King’s Pet sematary

I am not really a big Stephen King fan and I have probably only read a handful of his numerous novels. One of those that really stood out for me was Pet sematary. If I had to tell someone unfamiliar with the genre of the suspense novel what it was all about, I would use this book as an example.

Pet sematary is not just an example of a suspense novel, it is a great example. The novel is not only very suspenseful, but it also gave me the creeps. That is really saying something, because I am not usually moved all that easily.

What is this novel all about? As you might have guessed from the title, Pet sematary is about a pet cemetery. More precisely, it is about a little town where the kids like to bury their dead pets on a nice little field especially for that purpose.

Over the course of the book we find out that, of course, this place is not just any ordinary pet cemetery, but it is actually a part of an ancient Native American burial ground.

Louis Creed, the main character of the novel, get a new job at a health center and moves to the small town with his wife, their two kids and their cat called Church. The family seems to be experiencing a streak of bad luck from the moment that they arrive in the small town.

Not before long, Louis starts to experience strange occurrences that he tries to rationalize as merely stress induced or very vivid dreams. These occurrences involve apparitions of a dead student who tries to tell him something about the ancient burial ground.

Regardless whether this is real or imagined, if it had been me I would make sure that I would stay the hell away from that pet cemetery. Of course, Louis is not that smart. He not only returns there, but when his cat dies he decides to bury it in the ancient burial ground. Things start to get really creepy when the next morning Church the dead cat has returned to the house.

At first glance, he looks just like his former self, except that he has become much more vicious and he also smells like a corpse. As you can probably imagine, it only gets worse from then on, with more tragedy striking and a lot more creepiness.

Pet sematary is one of those books that once you start reading it you do not want to put it down anymore. It is fast paced, very well written and like I mentioned already, very suspenseful. I would highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good suspense novel or anyone who always wanted to get started on Stephen King’s oeuvre.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas 2008 review: The good, bad and ugly

So how was your Christmas? Did you eat too much? Got on with your family alright? Did you reminisce about the year gone by? Mine wasn’t too bad. I am not a big fan of Christmas, in fact, I do not really care much for most holidays.

The part I especially dislike about Christmas is that we are supposed to all have a good time and get along because it is Christmas. It is all so fake. I am not even religious, and neither is my family, so it is just an excuse to over spend and over eat.

Actually, I have to say I had a relatively healthy Christmas this year. I enjoyed some really great food and had some even greater wine. At least the latter was consumed in great amounts, which didn’t make the train ride home the next day very pleasant.

Speaking of train rides around Christmas, it is always a great phenomenon to watch. The psychologist in me loves it. Because the Netherlands is such a tiny country, most people take the train to go visit their families on Christmas day.

So this Christmas day I found myself sitting on the train among a great variety of people. Most dressed up a little nicer than usual, taking with them an overnight bag, a plastic bag filled with presents and/or an anxious new bf or gf.

It is so easy to spot those that love the holidays and have awesome parents and those that do not. Perhaps we could think up a secret sign all those that dread going home could show each other in support.

On the way to my sister’s, where quite a nice time was had by all I must say, I thought about my dad. I wondered if he was spending Christmas alone and I hoped I wasn’t the only person who was thinking about him that day.

On Boxing Day (or second Christmas day as we like to call it), I went to celebrate Christmas with my good friends. What usually is the better of the Christmas days turned this year into a bit of a bummer.

A good time was had, with lovely food and way too much alcohol, but there was a lot of personal drama going on. I won’t go into details, but I found myself listening to one of my best friends basically admitting everything that had bothered her about a mutual friend of ours for the last few years.

Good times.

All in all Christmas 2008 wasn’t all that bad, but I’m really glad that it is over.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Looking back on 2008: Best and worst

I thought I’d join the rest of the world in a little list making at the end of the year. What have been some of my highs and lows? I bet you are just dying to find out, so without further ado:

Personal high: Getting my awesome new job and awesome new apartment.
Personal low: Starting of the year unemployed and homeless (Remember how I spent way too much time learning how to be a good housewife?)

Fave movie I watched: I loved loved Unveiled …oh and my Clown movie night.
Worst movie I watched: Probably the Ruins (closely followed by Venom, but the Ruins wins because I actually paid money to see it at the theatre).

Unveiled (Fremde Haut)

Awesome TV: The following I did not actually watch on TV but on DVD, still, nothing gave me more pleasure this year than watching Battlestar Galactica. Other favourites included Grey’s Anatomy (until they fired Brooke Smith), Fringe and Bonekickers.
Crap TV: The list is too long. Oh and when my roommate made me watch old episodes of the A-team.

Favourite books I read: the Aud Thorvingen series by Nicola Griffith (the Blue Place; Stay and Always)
Fave album: Amanda Palmer-Who killed Amanda Palmer?
Fave websites: After Ellen, eurOut, Helium.

Hottest woman of the year: It’s a tie between Katee Sackhoff (mainly because of Starbuck. Duh) and Natasha Kai (she made me watch the Olympics even though I couldn’t care less about sports).

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Looking back on 2008: Lesbian entertainment

If you want a complete overview of what exactly happened in entertainment this year that involved lesbians and bisexual women, go over to After Ellen for overviews in television, movies and music.

I just wanted to highlight some of the stuff that mattered to me…either in a positive or in a negative way. Not surprisingly, most of the time it was both. A mixed bag if you like. A good example is one of my favourite shows. At least, that is what it used to be.

Grey’s anatomy

It was the best and the worst series for me this year. It all started so very promising with some speculation over whether or not Callie Torres and Erica Hahn were going to fall for each other or not, followed by a kiss. A very sweet and hot kiss I might ad.

However, six months later we finally have them hook up, only to have Callie turn around a jump in the sack with Sloane the first chance she gets. Apparently, this was so he could teach her how to please a woman. WTF?

Then two episodes later Dr. Hahn declared she is so very gay which resulted in Brooke Smith being fired and Dr. Hahn exiting the show in the next episode. I stopped watching after that.

Other TV shows that featured lesbian and bi characters with varying degrees of success included House MD, Bones and Cashmere Mafia. Even though more enjoyable than previous seasons, there was the usual WTF and raised eyebrows about the fifth season of the L word, as well as about spoilers for the upcoming sixth season.

It seems like the L word really is the show we all love to hate. Unfortunately, the upcoming season will be the last. Another gay show that has just ended is South of Nowhere. I was never a big fan, but it is a real shame to see another show with great queer characters come to an end.

In the non-drama TV world, by which I mean non-scripted just to be clear, we saw a few gay ladies make quite an impression. One of those was Ellen. Who this past year spoke up about LGBT related issues much more than she did previously, including shooting a PSA about Prop 8.

And of course, there was the very public marriage between Ellen and Portia that even landed them on the cover of People magazine. It was great to see Ellen be so out and proud, even though I heart Ellen anyways.

A few peeps came out, including one of my favourite comedians Wanda Sykes and oh yeah, Lindsay Lohan, sort of. A newcomer that everyone seemed to love this year was Rachel Maddow. I have to say, I haven’t really seen much of her but what I have seen I like. A lot. She is pretty awesome.

Rachel Maddow on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

When I think of lesbian entertainment, 2008 for me was really the year of the internet. I spent way too much time on here checking out my favourite queer websites and web series. This awesome new European lesbian website launched called eurOut and they even let me blog for them.

Other awesome new queer websites of 2008, included Tellofilms and a few others I cannot think of right now. On top of that, there appeared a whole bunch of very cool lesbian web series like 3Way, BJ Fletcher and Ghostella’s haunted tomb.

For film and music I can keep it very brief. My fave queer movie this year was Affinity and my fave album Amanda Palmer’s Who killed Amanda Palmer?

Amanda Palmer-Runs in the family

Any cool queer stuff I forgot to mention?

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Looking back on 2008: LGBT “real world” stuff

It has been an interesting year for us queers. Unfortunately, I cannot say it has all been great or even positive. Of course, the one thing that stands out most in the negative category is the passing of Prop 8.

I already said a lot about it in previous blog entries (like here and here), so I won’t repeat myself. Ok I am going to do just that by saying what I have been saying all along. I think it is totally retarded that people get to have a say in who gets to marry their soul mate and who doesn’t.

I really don’t get it. I especially don’t understand why so many Americans cared so much about this issue that they actively decided to take people’s rights away. That’s what she said illustrate my point very well with their song “Why is my right wrong?”

Even though this all sucks big time, the good thing that came out of all of this is that people in California and around the world stood up and declared how they felt about this injustice. Some pessimists like to say it’s too little too late, but I like to think it is never too late.

Seeing all those protesters in the streets of Los Angeles or watching straight allies publically announce how wrong Prop 8 is, made me feel all warm and proud and it gives me hope. It is just a matter of time until people will come around.

Look at us over here in Europe. To date, thirteen European countries already have same-sex civil unions and some also have same-sex marriage (i.e. the Netherlands, Belgium and Spain). Most other European countries are in the middle of the discussion if and when they, too, will have civil unions with varying degrees of success.

Norway will also have same-sex marriage starting in January 2009 and Sweden starting from May 2009.

The main issue this year in many European countries had to do with gay adoption rights (this is already allowed in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, United Kingdom, Spain, Norway, Sweden and Iceland. In addition, France, Denmark and Germany allow for stepchild adoption, i.e. that the same-sex partner can legally adopt their partners biological child).

A handful of countries are in the middle of creating or passing bills that will allow for same sex partners to adopt. The circumstances under which this is allowed and how much resistance there is against it differs from country to country.

Right at this moment the European Parliament is working on a declaration to have same-sex marriages and civil unions recognized in all countries in the European Union. In the summer they already published a report on how to prevent homophobia.

Of course, we too have our problems with ever continuing incidents of discrimination or even hate crimes, but in other ways some European countries are years ahead of the United States.

I am hopeful and optimistic that in 2009 we will get another step closer to being able to live our lives the way we want to live them.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Lesbian Vampire Killers

If you are even just a little bit like me, you have already heard of this upcoming movie called Lesbian Vampire Killers. Not only that, but you are actually excited about this film. Yep, I’m being serious.

Lesbian Vampire Killers tells the great story of a little village where all the woman have been enslaved by a local pack of lesbian vampires. The men are unsure what to do next and decide to send two young guys to the lesbian vampire pack as a sacrifice.

The official plot description sounds even more awesome:

“Eternal slacker Jimmy Maclaren and his friend, Fletch, are enjoying a walking holiday on The Moors. Thanks to an unfortunate series of events, they find themselves stuck in a remote cottage with a camper-van full of sexy foreign student girls, besieged by a hungry army of lascivious lesbian vampires.

Can they make it till dawn or will the Sapphic soul suckers bleed them dry?”

I love vampires and lesbians, so it’s like getting two for the price of one. Plus it’s a horror movie yet a comedy. Oh and did I mention that it is set in Wales? Man, it just sounds too good to be true.

Or perhaps just a little too weird. Or too dumb. The tagline is: Two no-hopers. One cursed village. One hell of a night! Hmm. Well this could either mean a totally retarded movie or an awesome one.

Either way, I’ll definitely be watching this as soon as it comes out. Who’s with me?

P.S. Merry Xmas

Saturday, December 20, 2008

No one has been watching me

Last night I had a little Christmas drinking event at work where we all got nice Christmas gifts. With that I mean, I got a bag filled with lots of girly crap I don’t care about and am never going to use, while all the guys got a nice bottle of wine. Life’s so unfair sometimes.

Anyways, over red wine and snacks I brought up the subject of the video cameras in my office. You know, the ones I complained about previously. Guess what? It turns out they are not hooked up to anything.

Yep, it’s true. For the past four months I have worried about how I behave while I am in my office, making sure no one is watching me pick my nose or scratch myself in wrong places. Now I find out that is has been all for nothing!

No one is watching me, there isn’t a tape in the camera, in fact, and the cameras aren’t even switched on. I guess they were used at one point, but now they are just there to give the impression that all the offices are being watched.

Well, they had me convinced. I feel really silly about this, but then again, what am I supposed to think when I see a video camera in my office with a notice saying they are watching over my and other’s possessions?

That’s another thing. I was convinced these cameras were keeping an eye on all my personal crap in my office when they weren’t. So I guess I should be lucky none of it was stolen, seeing as I didn’t exactly made a lot of effort to keep them safe because I thought those damn cameras were actually on.

Oh well. At least I no longer have to worry about how I behave at the office.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Don’t read it: Christ the lord: Out of Egypt by Anne Rice

I am a big Anne Rice fan or at least I was when I was younger. I have read all of her books, including her books about witches, the south, eunuchs, her erotica fiction and all of her vampire novels that I kept reading long after they were entertaining.

Therefore, when I first heard about her new book Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt, I could not wait to read it. Here was another book by Anne Rice, which could only be great and exciting, especially considering all her previous novels.

How wrong I was. Christ the lord: Out of Egypt is actually the story of the childhood of Jesus Christ. Yes, you would think that the title should have tipped me off about that one, but it did not.

I honestly thought Anne Rice would give us her version of what the childhood of Jesus Christ might have been like, with the usual intrigue and mystery that can be found in all of her other books. Of course, it is still her version of what happened. However, it is written in such a way that it reads more like a factual documentary or biography rather than a cool book of fiction.

This could still be great and interesting, especially if you are into that sort of thing. And by that sort of thing, I mean either religion, history or both of these topics. Unfortunately, they just happen to be the two subjects that I do not really care all that much about.

Especially, when nothing mysterious or exciting happens in the entire story. Needless to say, I had a really hard time getting through this book and at several points I thought about not finishing it at all.

This was only due to the subject matter that I found rather boring and it had nothing to do with the way it was written. Anne Rice has a great talent in writing in a way that is both captivating and easy to follow.

However, when you are not really into the topic, sometimes it really does not matter how well something is written and an uninteresting subject will stay just that, uninteresting.

Perhaps if I had not started reading the book with the wrong expectations, meaning that it would be just like the other Anne Rice books I had read before, I would have enjoyed it more. I guess we will never know if that is true.

Don’t read it!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

YouTube Thursday: Cool Dutch Artists-Part 2

After the very successful Cool Dutch Artists, I now proudly present to you this week’s YouTube selection entitled Cool Dutch Artist-Part 2.

Krezip-Everything and more

Hallo Venray-Syreen


Di-rect-Blind for you

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Lies my parents told me

Let me start by saying that my parents were awesome when I was growing up. They did an amazing job raising my sister and me. We were brought up in quite a liberal household with very few rules, although we were never exactly spoiled.

Looking back on my childhood, I mostly think of positive happy memories. A large part of that is due to my parents. Having said all that, there were a few things that I was taught that I found out later on were not completely true. What were some of the lies that my parents told me?

First of all, my mother liked to tell my sister and me that many things would kill us. This ranged from things like jumping out of windows, to opening up your belly button and even eating inedible berries. It was the latter that kept me up several nights, worrying that me swallowing one of those berries would actually kill me.

I guess she said those things in order for us to stay away from dangerous things, but looking back I wonder if it was necessary to go to such an extreme, as it scared me more when I did do something dangerous than that it prevented me from doing something in the first place.

Another thing my mother used to say that scared me was that spiders are never alone. Whenever there was a spider in my bedroom and I would be scared and scream for my dad to take it away, my mother would tell me “Spiders are never alone, they always travel in pairs”.

Why the hell she felt the need to tell me that I will never know. Not only is it blatantly untrue, it also kept me up plenty of nights worrying about the second spider and where it might be hiding.

One of the myths I was told as a child that I have had the hardest time trying to shake is “if you don’t finish your plate it is a waste”. A waste is really an understatement, as in my family of food loving folks who also liked to never waste anything, not eating all the food your were given was a mortal sin.

This lie stuck with me for most of my life, until a few years ago when I found myself very much overweight and I realized it is ok to not always finish your plate, especially if you are full. In the long run, it is much worse to keep stuffing yourself than to throw food out now and then.

The final lie that my parents told me was that everything happens for a reason. Even though they could never quite tell me why certain things happened, especially awful and negative events, they were always quick to say it was not random or pointless.

I spent quite some time trying to figure out these reasons for all the stuff that happened to me and my life, until I realized this was also a lie they told me. There isn’t always a reason or an explanation, sometimes bad things just happen to good people just because.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Because you’re hot: Katee Sackhoff

Looking through previous Because you’re hot posts (which is such a delight btw. You should do it too!) I noticed I have never done one on Katee Sackhoff. How the hell is that possible?

For those of you who had not noticed yet, I heart Katee Sackhoff. I think she is one of the most attractive women I have ever seen. Seriously. I love her in everything I have ever seen in, especially in Bionic Woman and of course Battlestar Galactica.

Starbuck might just possibly be my ideal woman. Well, to drool over that is (among other things), not so much to have a relationship with, I guess. She’s just so damn hot. I am a big fan of Battlestar Galactica, but I am seriously wondering if I would watch that show if Starbuck wasn’t on it.

Even in real life Katee looks totally stunning, whether she is just posing for pics or riding her motorcycle. She does seem to be a lot more girly though, but I don’t mind so much as even when I see her in a girly dress I know that’s the same woman who plays Starbuck.

Hmmm. I could go on and on about this woman, but I won’t. I will just let you enjoy the pics.

Monday, December 15, 2008


Everyone is different. Some people are naturally positive and optimistic, whereas others tend to see the world in a more negative light and always think the glass is half-empty. Therefore, it is only natural that some people tend to complain more than others do.

However, complaining is not always related to how pessimistic or unhappy a person is. Most of us have things we complain about, yet there are some people that seem to complain about everything.

Just because someone complains a lot, does not necessarily mean they are unhappy. Obviously, there is some connection between what happens in someone’s life and the things that they complain about.

When a lot of bad events occur, one is more likely to complain than when everything is rosy. Some people though, seem to complain a lot regardless of life’s circumstances. We all know of people who are always complaining and never seem to stop.

There are different reasons why people complain. For some people, complaining comes forth out of a true sense of unhappiness. They are unhappy about themselves or about their lives and they express this by complaining to others about their bad fortune.

When people are that unhappy it does not really matter what happens in their lives, because they will always find something to complain about. They need to complain, because for them it is a way of coping with their unhappiness that they have learned is effective.

This is different to the every day complaining most people do. We all complain sometimes, about little things that happen to us, like being stuck in a traffic jam or being turned down for a job.

However, because most of us are not truly unhappy we do not have the need to complain all the time. When no bad events take place in our lives, we simply cease to complain. This is not the case with so-called compulsive complainers.

People do not only complain incessantly because they are unhappy, for some complainers it is more of a bad habit that they have picked up. These are the kind of people who either just need to complain for no good reason, or they are so used to complaining all the time that they do not even notice that they are doing it.

You can recognize them by their casual way of complaining. They might walk into your house and mention that traffic was a nightmare, the weather sucks, they are not feeling too well and that something in your house smells funny.

A final reason why some people complain a lot is because it makes them feel better. These people are not necessarily unhappy people, but by complaining about every little thing that bothers them, they actually feel better.

In other words, they burden other people with all their problems and worries, making those people feel bad, while they in turn end up feeling great.

There is nothing wrong with complaining, we all need to do it now and again, but the trick is to not over do it. You do not want to end up being known as one of those people who complains about everything.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

You should read it: Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk

Like most people, I watched the movie Fight Club long before I read the book. As it is one of my all time favourite movies, I was really curious to find out about the book by Chuck Palahniuk that it is based on.

The biggest difference between the book and the movie is that in the movie the story is that things are not what they at first glance seem to be. You think it is just about these guys being bored with life and not caring about all the superficial stuff in today’s world. Then during the course of the movie you find out the story being told is really a different one.

In contrast, in the book you are told what is what right from the beginning. This both makes the story better and worse. Worse because there is no longer a surprising twist in the story, but better because you can understand what is going on right away and on a level that was impossible in the movie.

It is simply easier to describe what is going on in someone’s brain in written form than it is to do so on a big screen.

In case you are not familiar with the story of Fight Club and you are wondering what I am going on about, let me just summarize it for you. It is the story about a nameless narrator who is an automobile company employee with a bad case of insomnia.

To pass the time at night, he starts visiting support groups, which help him with his sleeping problems, until a woman named Marla shows up.

During a flight for a business trip, the narrator meets Tyler Durden. The narrator arrives home to find his apartment has been destroyed by an explosion. He calls Tyler and moves in with him.

Tyler lives in an unbelievably dirty and broken down apartment, which apparently suits him just fine. While they are having a fight in the parking lot, they attract quite a crowd, and decide to establish a fight club in a bar’s basement.

Under Tyler's leadership, the fight club becomes Project Mayhem, which commits increasingly destructive acts of anti-capitalist vandalism in the city. The whole thing becomes bigger and bigger and is about to get seriously out of control.

This book is a great read, both for those who have seen the movie and for those who have not. It shows you an interesting look into the messed up brain of a random average individual. At least, that is how the main character appears to everyone else. However, this story shows that one person can really have a big impact both bad and good on the world. I loved this book and I definitely recommend it.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Using lesbians in commercials

Over at eurout you can find one of my latest blogs about the trend of using of lesbians in commercials.

Have you ever noticed how many “lesbians” are appearing in commercials these days? Advertisers might not always be too sure how to market to lesbians, but they sure have no problem using lesbians to sell their products. Well, lesbians or just women who make out with other women.

I like watching women make out with each other as much as any red-blooded lesbian, but unfortunately many of these commercials are rather bad. I especially hate it when we are supposed to believe that these girls are actually gay.

Neither Clothestime nor Jim Beam nor Dolce & Gabbana can convince me that I’m watching actual lesbians. The only commercial that I bought and also quite enjoyed is the Johnny Walker commercial posted above, probably because it’s actually targeted towards lesbians instead of straight men

Read the entire article here.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

YouTube Thursday: Favourite distopia movies

I love futuristic type movies. I looked up some of my favourites. Are all these good examples of distopia? I am not sure…I think the definition includes something about the future but in a negative way (You know, as opposed to utopia).


Is it reality….or is it?

Dark City

Just watch it…it’s awesome…


If you don’t have the perfect genes, they have no place for you…

Soylent Green

They use old people to fertilize the earth…


Joss Whedon’s idea of the future…those Reavers are scary…

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Do only dykes work at Ikea?

I went on a little trip to Ikea yesterday (when I should have been working. Yeah yeah, I know, I’m a bad girl). I heart Ikea! Especially all the little stuff they have to decorate your house and make your life more fun (or something like that).

While I was there I could not help but notice that all the female employees looked very dykey. Not just one, but practically all of them. Perhaps it is the not so flattering nor feminine outfits they have to wear, but I could have sworn at least half of them were gay.

I refuse to believe it was just coincidence or that my gaydar is way off (I have good gaydar. Really. Well, most of the time anyway).

So what’s up with that? Is Ikea a lesbian store? If so, why did no one tell me? I now feel the urge to go to different Ikea’s across the country just to check whether it is just my Ikea or all Ikeas (I like saying my Ikea. Who wouldn’t like their own personal Ikea. Full of dykes of course lol).

Btw I want this bookcase:

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Naked neighbour

My new apartment looks out on my neighbour’s bathroom. The bathroom has these with tinted windows, except they don’t really tint. What I am saying is, every morning if I happen to get up early enough, I can watch her take a shower.

The first time this happened, I just assumed she had forgotten to close the drapes, but she does not seem to have any. So what I keep wondering is: Does she not care I can see her naked or does she just not know that the tinted windows are very ineffective?

I have had neighbours before who just did not care, so they didn’t have curtains for their bedroom window. Yes, I am not kidding. Luckily, they were further down the street so I did not have to watch everything they get up to.

I guess you could say the same about my naked neighbour. I do not have to watch her take a shower. But when your eye catches a beautiful naked woman, it is just hard to look away. I try not to be a perv though and get away from the window.

Thing is, I have been wondering if maybe she really does not know we can all see her. With all I mean not just me, but the two apartments next to me as well. Should I tell her? I do not even know her at all.

How would I feel if a total stranger pointed out to me they see me naked every morning? Would I be angry or upset or would I be very grateful they pointed it out to me? Or maybe it is better to just not know?

Any thoughts?

Monday, December 8, 2008

I learned the truth at 17…

Everything I need to know about friendship, I learned when I was in high school. I was never part of the popular crowd, but I found out pretty quickly that this really did not matter, as long as you had a few real friends to hang out with. It took me a lot longer to figure out what exactly real friends were.

More than a few times I got disappointed, and hurt even, when finding out that my newest best friend forever did not see me in quite the same light. Likewise, I am sure I hurt a few boys and girls myself, when they discovered I did not want to spend all my free time with them.

The biggest lesson in friendship I learned when I was 17. It was during that year that I realized the friendship with one of my best friends at the time, was not really a friendship I valued as deeply as I once thought I did.

In summer we went on holiday together, during which she almost had us killed by driving our car into a tree. That was not the part that made me reconsider our friendship, but her reaction to the car accident and almost getting killed was.

I was all scared and shaken, looking for comfort and being very happy to be alive. She on the other hand, was only preoccupied with the damage that was done to the car. She just wanted to forget about the incident, not even talk about it, and continue our holiday like nothing had happened.

That is when I realized we did not share the same values, we did not view life in the same way, and we certainly did not want the same out of our friendship.

During that summer holiday I realized that for me the most important thing in a best friend was someone I could confide in, share my thoughts and feelings with, and someone who would comfort me.

She refused to do any of those things, and looking back now, I think she probably was not even able to even if she had wanted to. Shortly after our holiday, I decided I no longer wanted to be friends with her.

I made the decision to no longer be friends with a few other people in high school too, for similar reasons. I am sorry for those that I might have hurt in doing so, but I have never been sorry for ending those friendships.

I learned at 17 what I still know to be true today: real friendship to me is a mutual understanding, a deep and emotional bond between two people. Real friends are there for you through the good times and the bad, and they understand you and accept you for who you are. Anything less than that is just not worth my time.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Karaoke is dangerous

Are you a karaoke fan? I personally do not get the appeal and I would even go so far as to say I find it rather annoying. You’re trying to enjoy your beer, but you keep being disturbed by the drunks who can’t hold a tune.

Turns out karaoke is not only annoying, but dangerous too. In Malaysia a guy was killed for hogging the karaoke machine. Apparently, he would not stop singing and give the other people a go. So they stabbed and killed him.

Or maybe they could not stand to hear him sing out of tune one more minute, so they stabbed and killed him. WTF? There are better reasons to kill someone…and better ways to die. *Shakes head* People are weird. And scary.

So be careful kids, karaoke could kill you!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Cool Dutch Lesbians: Claudia de Breij

“This is not a song
There is nothing to sing about
Everything is fine
We shouldn’t complain so much
This is not a song
About all kinds of horrible things
Because in this country there is nothing left for us to fight for
This is not a song
Because we can get married and show our commitment to the world
This is not a song
About how we marched and fought

Everything is fine
But better not hold each other’s hand when you pass a group of boisterous youth
Kiss each other freely when you go outside of town but never too enthusiastic on the streets
And just laugh when they ask who of you the woman is
And just laugh when they ask if you aren’t missing something

Everything is fine
If you don’t mind there are no movies about you
If you don’t mind there are no books about you
If you don’t mind there are no songs about you
This is not a song…”

These are some of the lyrics (roughly and freely translated by this contributing writer) of Claudia de Breij’s song “Geen Liedje” (Not a song) about the current state of acceptance of gays and lesbians in the Netherlands or “homo emancipation” as our government likes to call it. I might be living in one of the most liberal countries in the world, but that does not necessarily mean that everything is perfect.

Claudia de Breij is a Dutch out lesbian TV presenter, radio DJ and stand up comedian. She is mostly known for presenting the late night talk show “Thank God it’s Friday” with the VARA on Nederland 3 that aired until recently. Before that she presented several other (mainly late night) TV shows including “VARA Laat” (VARA late), VARA live, “Het Elfde Uur” (The Eleventh Hour) and “De Wereld Draait Door”(The world keeps on turning).

Read my entire article here.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

How can someone take politeness to such an extreme?

I went to Germany for the weekend to visit the place where I used to live. I was staying with a friend of mine and the weekend mainly consisted of hanging out, walking through town, catching up and lots of eating and drinking.

It was really great to see everything and everyone again. Being back made me realize how much I had missed some of the people and at the same time how glad I am to no longer be living there. A small town in former Eastern Germany is not really the ideal place to live.

I am much happier living where I am living now. In a big city among other loud mouthed direct Dutch folks. It is hard to explain, but even though the Dutch and the Germans might seem very similar, we are miles apart.

Especially for someone like me who is very direct (read rude) and does not like either authority or following rules, it wasn’t the ideal place to live. It was nice to reminisce though and walk the hills and enjoy the Weihnachtsmarkt.

I sent an email to all my old colleagues saying I’d be at the Weihnachtsmarkt and would they like to join me for a Gluhwein. I’d heard back from a few people I used to hang out with that they’d be there, and of course I did not expect anyone I never hung out with to show up.

But guess what? The one girl I could not stand the entire time I lived in Germany-my least favourite person ever-showed up with her husband. I could not believe it. Not only did she show up for a drink, she even invited herself to join us for dinner after.


It is not even as if it is a one way thing and she really likes me. We never hung out, we never saw eye to eye, in fact we have absolutely nothing in common or to say to each other (read I hate the bitch with a passion). I guess she just showed up because she was being polite.

She felt it would be polite or the right thing to do or whatever else good Germans feel they ought to do. I was so tempted to tell her to her face: Why the hell are you here? We do not like each other, I cannot stand you, why are you joining us for dinner? But I behaved.

Yes, me not being that mean is behaving for me. Because I did tell how I felt to everyone else as soon as she left. Perhaps I was being a bit harsh, but c’mon. Her new husband had just moved all his stuff to her apartment that morning.

So she chose having drinks and dinner with a colleague she doesn’t like and doesn’t like her over spending quality time with her husband the first weekend they’re living in the same town. Who does that?

I am so glad I am like me. I might piss off people now and then, but at least I never compromise my life for stuff I feel I ought to do.

Please do tell me if it is me and you can actually understand that girl.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

What the hell has happened to the L word?

If you don’t mind spoilers or can’t be bothered to actually watch the final season of the L word, watch this:

So what do you think?

(Btw, if you don’t like spoilers, you stop reading about now)

I can’t seem to make up my mind whether I like or hate what they are doing to this show. My first reaction was WTF? Are they seriously turning it into a murder mystery? They are killing off Jenny? I think someone else said it much better.

I also cannot help but raise my eyebrows at some of the most retarded plot developments: Shane and Jenny. Seriously? Of course, who doesn’t hook up with their best friend after they just F-ed their gf?

Bette and the Showgirls chick. Are we supposed to believe Bette was/is into someone like her? And that they are the same age?

I mean, the L word was always more soap opera than anything else, but there really is no need to take things to an extreme. Couldn’t we have gone back to the nice stories of Season 1?

Ok enough complaining. What do I like about it? Well, the fact that it is so different and over the top. I mean, a murder mystery makes it a totally different show. Like CSI only with dead lesbians.

Moreover, over the top means anything goes. So we could have some fun. Although, it’s probably hard to have a lot of fun when someone gets murdered. Hmmm. I did see Dylan make a come back, which I am giving two thumbs up. I always thought she and Helena were hot together.

Anyways, I cannot believe all the spoilers I am reading. But I guess the are doing what they are supposed to be doing as everyone is talking about it.