Wednesday, October 1, 2008

You should see it: Clownhouse

As I mentioned last week, I had a Clown night recently. During that night many wonderful (bad) clown horror movies were watched, including my all time favourite Clownhouse.

Clownhouse is the eighties horror movie about a boy named Casey with an extreme fear of clowns. His two older brothers tease him about this a lot, and even decide it is a good idea to take Casey to the circus.

Of course, the clowns totally freak him out. Not only that, but they are mean. Even though he is obviously terrified, one of the circus clowns wants him to join in the act, which makes him run off. Poor Casey.

Things only get worse from there on. You see, the nice older brother tries to convince Casey there really is nothing to be scared of and he is just imagining things. There are no clowns out to get him.

Little do they know that three psychopathic serial killers have just escaped from the local mental institution. For no reason I could figure out (apart from maybe that they are psychopathic serial killers) they decided to kill the circus clowns and then dress up just like them.

That wasn’t fun enough for them yet and now they have decided to break into the house of Casey and his brothers. Why are the psychotic serial killer clowns interested in little boys? Can they smell Casey has clown phobia or is it all a terrible coincidence? Where are the parents to protect this little boy?

These are some of the many questions Clownhouse raises, but unfortunately never answers. This does not change anything about the awesomeness of this movie. Why is it so awesome? You might wonder.

Well, let me tell you. Not that you really need any more reasons than that it is a movie about evil psychotic serial killing clowns, proving my clowns are evil theory. Besides that, I heart how everyone seems to think Casey is silly for being such a clown phobic, even though is should be obvious that clowns are evil.

Not only that, but the chances of three psychotic serial killing clowns coming to break into the house and attempt to kill the one boy with extreme clown phobia is just such an awesome coincidence.

A final thing I love about this movie is that one of the evil psychotic serial killing clowns looks so, well evil…and creepy. At the same time he looks so dumb and innocent, making him even more evil and creepy.

Ok ok I admit, I just heart this movie because I heart evil clown movies. Well, most evil clown movies anyway. Soon I will let you know everything that is wrong with Drive Thru.

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