Monday, October 6, 2008

Whatever happened to…: Transvision Vamp

During the late eighties and early nineties there was this British band called Transvision Vamp. I guess they were supposed to be a punk band, although much more punk pop than punk rock. I loved them. I loved them because there was just something about them.
I am not sure what it was though. I know it wasn’t their brilliant song writing or original tunes. Well, come to think of it there songs were pretty original. And pretty bad. But in a fun way. Even today, songs like I want your love and Baby I don’t care are very enjoyable.

C’mon, admit it, you liked listening to those songs, didn’t you?

Anyways, the band split up in the early nineties after which lead singer Wendy James attempted a solo career that wasn’t very successful. I did buy her album entitled Now ain’t the time for your tears and I have to say, it was really quite good.

That probably also had something to do with the fact that Elvis Costello wrote and produced the entire album. Have I mentioned before how much I heart Elvis Costello?

A long time has passed since the early nineties, so I was curious whatever happened to Transvision Vamp and what they are up to these days.

Well, what do you know? Apparently, Wendy James has been in the band Racine for the last few years. Or she is still solo, but she calls herself Racine? I wasn’t totally clear about that part. It doesn’t really matter, because all you need to know that her new stuff sucks. Don’t believe me? Check out her my space page.

No idea what happened to the rest of Transvision Vamp. Couldn’t find out anything about them (and ok I also did not search that hard). I guess they are all back to working their day jobs. If I’m wrong, do let me know. I would love to know if they’re up to anything interesting.

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Snax said...

You should warn people. That myspace link is a shocker - Wendy James has not aged well! One of my first "big" gigs was TV in Southsea (18 years ago :O ).

They were a good live band - lots of fun, and Wendy was gorgeous and very good at the banter between tracks with the drunk morons in the audience.

The base player was later in the band Bush (massive in the USA).