Wednesday, October 8, 2008

This week in gay news…

Have you ever noticed how much LGBT news there has been lately? At least, it seems to me that everyone is talking about lesbians these days…or maybe I am just looking for it more? You tell me.

Anyways, while looking through some of the gay and lesbian related news headlines today I came across a few items that I thought I’d share with you guys. Some because they are funny or cool and some because they are very very stupid and infuriating.

First up a funny one. Salma Hayek was recently interviewed on an Irish talk show, where the host misunderstood her declaration that she was half-Lebanese as her coming out as a lesbian. Of course, Hayek being the cool lady that she is thought the mistake was very funny.
Too bad though, because let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want Salma Hayek on their team?

This weeks How-retarded-can-you-be? news item comes from the UK, where some clergyman has declared that homosexuals should be branded with a warning label just like they do on cigarette packs.

I’m not making this stuff up. The guy actually believes that being gay is just as bad for your health as smoking…or as he put it: "clearly unnatural, a perversion and corruption of natural instincts and affections, and because it is a cause of fatal disease".

Charming, isn’t it?

More positive news comes from recent research that has shown that since legalisation over 11,000 same-sex weddings have been performed in California.

Let’s all make sure those 11,000 happy couples stay happy by supporting the campaign to vote no on Proposition 8. In case you missed it, Californians will be able to vote whether or not “gay marriage” should be banned forever in November.

For more lesbian news, check out the Lesbian News Snatch on eurOut.

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Jonathan said...

We all had a laugh over Rev Peter Mullen's view that gay people should have their buttocks tattooed and then how he used that oft-abused line to cover himself when people happened to be offended by his sentiments "some of my best friends are homosexuals." I doubt it somehow.