Friday, October 10, 2008

Don’t see it: Drive thru

I heart the idea of Drive Thru. A horror movie that makes fun of Fast Food and Fast Food Clowns is almost a guaranteed good time. Almost. I mean, I heart horror, clowns and when movies make fun of stuff, so I thought watching Drive Thru as part of my Clown Night was a great idea.

Oh how wrong I was.

If I had to compare Drive Thru to another movie, I would say it is the same kind of horror movie like Scream, only instead of a scream mask the serial killer is wearing a clowns mask. Unlike the Scream series (which I really enjoyed at the time they came out), however, this movie doesn’t actually have a very good or original plot.

In fact, I would go as far as to say there is nothing very original about Drive Thru. Worse even, it is not even all that scary. The least you should be able to expect from a horror movie is that it is scary or suspenseful. Well, I wasn’t impressed (or scared for that matter).

What did I like about this movie? I enjoyed the first five minutes during which a few unbelievably dumb white gangster wannabees get slaughtered when trying to order something at the evil drive through. Serves them right for being so pathetic.

The second thing I liked about Drive Thru is that the clown is called Horny. There is one particular scene where the evil clown is chasing some dumb defenceless high school girls through the school screaming all kinds of stuff at them, including I’m Horny. That was both very funny and disturbing.

Apart from those two highlights I cannot really say I was all that impressed or amused by this movie. To sum it up: Drive Thru has a bad (or at least very unoriginal) plot, mediocre acting at best, and no really scary bits.

I honestly don’t understand why so many people love this movie. Am I missing something here?

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