Thursday, September 18, 2008

YouTube Thursday: Movie bargains

I love bargains! After getting lots and lots of cheap cool books at the book fair recently, I now came across a video store that was having a clear out. All there DVD’s had to go for ridiculously low prices.

Of course I could not resist the “10 DVD’s for 25 Euro” advertisements and came home with my arms full of DVD’s. Some of these I really wanted, while others I just threw in there just for fun.

Curious what I got?

Well, I’m going to tell you anyway.

I bought some awesome thrillers I have already seen or never got around to watching, including the Grudge, Saw, Venom and the Descent.

The Grudge

Some documentaries, comedies and guilty pleasures were also part of the collection. One movie I am particularly excited about is Tankgirl. Not the best movie ever made, but such fun. Plus it has a killer soundtrack.


There were also some lesbian treasures among my findings, including the fine art of love, about innocent young girls at a secluded boarding school where they are trained to be ballerinas. School girls in love or lust always make me uncomfortable…

The fine art of love

Weird, artsy and probably very cruel and wrong, with an unhappy ending.

The other film is Unveiled (Fremde Haut), a German movie about an Iranian lesbian who flees to Germany to avoid getting hanged. When she is refused refuge, she decides to stay in Germany illegally and she takes on the identity of an Iranian man.

Unveiled (Fremde Haut)

It’s about the harsh reality of life for queer Iranians, yet at the same time it’s also a love story. Check out my review soon.

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brazilian girls said...

Hey thanks for posting about 'Unveiled' - looks cool, I'm going to add it to my Netflix queue.