Thursday, September 4, 2008

YouTube Thursday: Making fun of Germans

When I lived in Germany one of my favourite things to do was to make fun of the Germans. Obviously Germans did not always get it or like what we were doing, but my Dutch colleague and I sure had a lot of laughs at their expense.

I want to share a few fun videos with you that illustrate just exactly why Germans deserve to be made fun of.

P.S. I love Germans. Honest.

The “classic” MTV Gunther commercial about German stereotypes:

I especially love the David Hasselhoff poster.

Why learning to speak proper English is important:

Even the Simposons and Southpark chime in to make fun of stereotypes:

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~wicked~ said...

meh, i'm always poking fun at my German stepfather...he's such a conehead...or is it blockhead?? anyhow, he, in turn, makes fun of my haltering sprechen sie deutsche lingo and my Austrian slang. it's all in good fun.