Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I look way too young

When I was a teenager people always said I looked older than I was. When I was 12 or 13 they thought I was 15 or 16. I guess I just hit puberty rather early, which set the whole looking older thing in motion. It did not last very long though.

At some point I stopped looking older and maybe I even stopped aging altogether. Ok that is not exactly true, but I do know that from the moment my age went past 21 people started thinking I was younger.

I have a sister who is three years younger than me and most people used to think she is the eldest. I always found that quite embarrassing, especially because people treat you differently when they think you are younger than you are.

Hell, they even treat me differently depending on my hair colour. I’m a blonde but I usually dye my hair brown and believe it or not whenever I am blonde people act differently around me. They think I am dumber and guys hit on me more. Weird.

Anyways, these days I still look much younger than I am. I’m 31 but most people think I am somewhere in my mid twenties. That serves me fine, especially if this keeps up and they will still think I’m much younger when I’m 40 or 50.

However, the other day I had my haircut slightly shorter than I usually have it and that was a really really bad idea. I think I look like I’m 12! Ok no one would actually think that I am 12, but I might pass for 21 or under 21 even.

I hate it. I do not care about age or I like to think that I do not, but secretly I am an ageist at heart. I am kind of prejudiced against young people, in the sense that I do not threat college age people the same way as I do anyone older than that.

Therefore the thought of anyone thinking I belong in that age range is simply horrible. Is there anything one can do against a baby face? I know it helps to dress a certain way, everyone always thinks I’m older whenever I wear a suit.

I know this isn’t really all that important, but still it bothers me. I’ve just started a new job and I do not want everyone to wonder what that kid is doing at their workplace. I want to be taken seriously.


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