Monday, September 1, 2008

Beverly Hills 90210 remake

The all new Beverly Hills 90210 remake is about to start airing and I have not made up my mind yet whether or not I am excited about this.

Don’t get me wrong, I loved 90210 the first time around just like every other kid around the world. It was simply the first really well done show about teenage drama. Oh and what a drama they all experienced!

I used to have a bit of a crush on Dylan, although looking back on it now I think I really wanted to be him. He simply was the coolest guy I had ever seen. Even cooler than Andrew McCarthy.

The girl I loved the most was Emily Valentine, who was only on the show for a couple of episodes as Brandon’s crazy girlfriend. But damn she was hot…or I should say cool, which is what I thought at the time.
The other woman I really liked on 90210 was Brenda, played by Shannon Doherty. Apparently, she is coming back for the remake. I guess she must be playing someone’s mom now then. Weird.
Other people that are making an appearance in the remake include Jenny Garth, who I always really hated as Kelly. But not as much as I hated Donna. Yes I know it is not a popular thing to say, but I could not stand the girl.

I hated both the way she looked (I’m sorry but she looks like a cow. There, I said it.) and her dumb naive “I’m saving myself for marriage” attitude. Who does that? I remember when David could not wait any longer and had sex with…what’s her name?

I do not remember, just that she was hot and I felt Donna deserved it. I was such a horrible teenager. Didn’t David try to have some sort of rapping career? Too funny. Oh the one other person I could not stand on the show was Steve.

He was such a dumb guy and I hated his curly hair. I hope he is not coming back. Who I do want to come back is Andrea and all of the original cast really. Of course that will not happen.

That makes me wonder why I should watch a show that has the same name and same premise as the original show, but has nothing to do with it. At least most of the people playing in it will be different.
Maybe I am just getting too old to enjoy shows about high school. I have tried, but I really do not understand what’s so great about Gossip Girl or even South of Nowhere for that matter.

I did used to love the genre, if you can call it that. Besides 90210 I also watched Popular, Dawson’s Creek, the OC and a few other shows like that. Perhaps I should check out the new BH 90210…even if it was just to come back to tell you guys how much I think it sucked.

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