Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Things I do not like

In case you had not noticed yet, I am a complainer. I complain about just about anything and I also enjoy complaining. What really helps with all this complaining is that there are also many things I do not like.

I am always surprised to find out not everyone is like that. There are some people who do not really hate anything. They feel hate is too strong a word. How can it be too strong a word for things that totally suck?

Let me share with you the top three thing I hate (or really do not like, if you will).

Stupid people

My number one hate or annoyance is stupid people. With stupid I do not necessarily mean people who aren’t that educated or who are intellectually challenged, but just any person who acts in a stupid way.

Worse even is the kind of crap that some people say. I think there should be a law against stupid people voicing there opinions! If that cannot be done, how about a rule that makes everyone think before they speak?

The world would be a much better place if only people used their brains a little more. Then again, we do not call stupid people stupid for no reason.


I think the thing I complain about most, second only to stupid people, is probably the weather. Remember people, I live in the Netherlands so there is always lots to complain about weather wise. I think the only country with worse weather is England.

It is usually raining or windy. Or worse, both at the same time. Half of our summer so far has consistent of autumn weather. We even had hail a few times! On those days when it is not cold, rainy or windy it tends to get really freaking hot! Did I mention I am bad with heat?

Anyways, even though the weather sucks here and I should know this by now, it never stops me from complaining about it.


I really do not like rules. Or actually, I do not really have a problem with rules per se. I am perfectly fine with following most rules. However, the one thing I really really do not like is being told what to do.

It does not even matter what the person is asking from me. Even if it is something I agree with and would have done anyway, the simple fact that someone is telling me I should do it makes me want to disobey.

What’s the fancy word for that again? I just cannot help it. I think it has something to do with the fact that I am extremely stubborn. I have always had a problem with authority, only when I was younger I was to shy to actively disobey. Not anymore.

In my line of work there really are very few people who tell me what to do, which works out really well. At the same time, the less I get told what to do the harder I find it to obey the few rules I have to obey.


~wicked~ (aka 'work wife') said...

i love this blog...and wholeheartedly agree, especially with "stupid" people and "obedience" (kind of why i didn't make a very good bdsm submissive! lol)
btw...saw your comment(s) on AE.

Natazzz said...

Hey Wicked, I'm glad you like my little blog.

I'd make a lousy BDSM submissive cuz I don't like pain...

~wicked~ said... that's where we ARE different (bdsm-pain)! lmao! you're Dutch?? hmmm, and i'm originally from Austria...nice to meet you!