Friday, August 22, 2008

Life update

For those of you who wanted to know, my pepper plant is still very much alive, and giving me more peppers than ever before. I keep being amazed at how just simply watering a plant daily can have such huge effects.

Yes, I know absolutely nothing about plants or caring for them. Therefore, the simplest aspects of it are fascinating to me. I get all excited like a little kid and everyone just looks at me funny.

The few plants I have had always died, apart from the plant I used to have in my office that I only fed left over coffee on a daily basis. Some thought that was cruel, but it did survive for over 2 years, so it can’t have been that bad.

Plants do not die and sometimes actually blossom if you take care of them. Wow, who knew!

Anyways, enough about my pepper plant. In other news, I am about to start my new job and I am really excited about it (even more so than about my blossoming pepper plant). I think this is going to be the perfect job for me.

It is the perfect job for many reasons, but I especially love to be able to choose my own hours. No more getting up early, ever! Does that make me sound lazy? I am just not a morning person.

I had to get up at six the other day and it almost killed me. I am not kidding! There really is no good reason to get up before eight EVER…Well, unless important peeps expect you to or crucial life events demand you to.

I am a big fan of just changing the hours we work and go to bed. Who says people should work form 8 until 6? Why not from 10 to eight instead? We would just work later, eat dinner 2h hours later, go to bed 2 hours later and get up two hours later in the morning…

Nothing would change, just that we did not have to get up early anymore. Of course now that I have my perfect new job I do not need for the world to change anymore. I can just deviate freely.

Life is good. Sometimes.


~wicked~ said...

so, congrats on your new job...i've been reading a shitload of all your blogs since Jan and couldn't resist commenting on some..can't stop shaking my head how two very different people share so many same similarities in likes/dislikes and yes, even, problems with dad...kind of on the same line weird is that??? lol anyhow, thank you for being a great blog place for me to read and opening more portals to great music/movies/books, etc. seems i just may have to list my own fav blog yours!

~wicked~ said...

oh and btw...i get up @ 5 am every day. uh, yeah. sucks.

Natazzz said...

Commenting on some? LOL I do not think I have every gotten this many comments before.

But I do appreciate it, and I'm glad you're enjoying my little blog.

Anonymous said...

So your pepper plant is still alive since i asked you last time thats great, Water is amazing is it not?
Good luck with your new job, and remember to give us updates on hot girl sightings you encounter at your new job ok?