Wednesday, June 4, 2008


The bus drivers have been on strike here for over 2 weeks now. Two weeks with no busses driving anywhere, or worst yet, some busses only driving somewhere some of the time.

Why? Well, they are on strike because they want more money. Who does not want more money? I sure would love some more money, but you do not see me annoying half the country to achieve this.

The reason I am so annoyed by it, is mainly because of my own stupidity. I am a little ashamed to admit I do not always follow the news that closely, hence, it has happened twice now that I was waiting for a bus that just never arrived.

I had to be told by nice passers-by that there was still a bus strike going on. I guess that is a little stupid of me, but yay for the friendly folks letting me know about it.

The low point was yesterday, when instead of taking the bus I had to ride my bicycle to a job interview. You do not want to ride a bike while wearing a nice suit and it is raining. You really don’t. I better get that job.

Anyways, I am fed up with all this striking nonsense.

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