Friday, May 16, 2008

Stupid people

One of the things that gets on my nerves the most, is stupidity. When I talk about stupidity, I do not mean intelligence. In fact, it is often the case that the most intelligent, brainy people act like the biggest dumb assess.

I hate stupid people. They open their mouths and all this bullshit comes out. Not only do they say the dumbest things, but also they do not even realize what they are saying.

Or they do realize what they are saying, but they just cannot comprehend what is wrong with it. Most racists are like that, or homophobes. However, that is just the beginning of the amount of stupid people around. Even your average so-called liberal guy, can say the most offensive stuff.

I generally believe it is all about intention. If you do not intent to insult or be offensive, it is ok. Unless what you are saying is just too stupid for words. Stupidity trumps intention.

Lately I have spent too much time on public transport listening to stupid folks. They are really testing my patience. I can only ignore their stupidity for so long.

Gawd how I detest stupidity.


mega said...

I know exactly how you feel.
It's, probably the only thing I have zero tolerance for.
And I agree somewhat about stupidity being intentional. Like, the difference between stupidity and ignorance is knowledge. Ignorant people just don't know better. Stupid people choose to not know better - or at least ignore what is obvious (or true).

In one of my many talks about stupid people with one of my best friends he came up with a sentence that really does it:
"There are no less stupid people. All stupid people are a lot stupid!"

~wicked~ said...

zero tolerance here too.....stupid people should not be allowed to roam the world...there is no excuse for's not like they 'turned' stupid...they just are...wasted space...wasted time.