Saturday, May 24, 2008

My beloved Nintendo 64

I am not ashamed to admit I still play with my Nintendo 64. I know that in the last 10 or 15 years lots of new and fancy game consoles have come out, but I just never bothered to upgrade.

I wouldn’t dare say anything bad about all those new and expensive consoles (apart from that they are bloody expensive, or at least the games are). I have even played with them on occasion, and yes, they are great. But they are just not like the N64.

Even though I have owned Super Mario for over a decade, I still enjoy playing that game. I am convinced they haven’t come up with a better game yet. It never gets old or boring and it gives you hundreds and hundreds of hours of playing time.

Well, you do if you are me. After a decade of playing, I still cannot find or collect all of those stars easily. Yes, I suck. But I do not care, because it is such fun.

Other favourite N64 games include the two James Bond games Golden eye and Perfect dark. I especially love the latter, and not only because you get to play with female operatives.

All this game talk brings out the geek in me, and what I really want to do now is get out my Nintendo 64 and play some of those games…

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