Thursday, May 15, 2008

Hot One Hundred Nominee: Clea Duvall

I already thought Clea Duvall was cute when I first saw her in that not-so-great horror movie the Faculty. But I really fell for her when she played Graham in But, I’m a Cheerleader.

Today is the final day for you to vote in AfterEllen’s Hot 100. So if you haven’t done so already (Why haven’t you?), go over there now, and don’t forget to list Clea as one of your favourite hotties.
I think Clea is a great actor, and I have enjoyed seeing her in most stuff she had a role in. Recently she has been showing up in some of my favourite TV shows, like Grey’s Anatomy and Heroes.

I especially liked her in the role of detective as she played on Heroes. Perhaps someone could give her her own show? You know, like Life only without the weird redheaded Zen partner.

Maybe she could even play a gay detective. Hmmm.

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