Thursday, May 22, 2008

Boring as hell

I have always loved the Cure, ever since I was a teenager and I discovered there was more to music than what was in the charts. I think they have a great sound, and I own most of their CDs.

I could not be more excited when a couple of years ago I got tickets to go see them in concert. My friend and I were talking about it for weeks how great it was going to be, wondering what songs they would play, and generally being very excited about it.

Finally the night of the concert arrived. We made sure we were there early, so we would have a good spot near the front of the stage. The concert started and it was so great to finally see the Cure live on stage. They had a very impressive light show.
Unfortunately, that was about all that was impressive about the concert. They played all of our favourite songs, but they sounded so dull and boring, pretty much exactly the way they sounded on CD.

In fact, half way through the set we started wondering, if maybe all that was playing was their CD, and they were just miming to it. Of course this wasn’t the case, but it might as well have been.

Even though this was one of our favourite bands, the concert could not have been more boring. Not only was it really boring, it also seemed to last forever. After two and a half hours they were still playing, with no indication they were ever going to stop.

That is when we left. Yes, I left the Cure concert early. I just could not stay there a second longer. Gawd that was such a disappointment. I still love their music though, but I will never again be stupid enough to go see them live.

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