Saturday, May 31, 2008

Because you’re hot: Kate Walsh

You might be curious just how I pick the topics I blog about (or maybe you do not care at all, but I am going to tell you anyway). Sometimes there is actually some thought involved, and I plan ahead the kind of things I might talk about in a given week.

Most day though, I just blog about whatever has happened to me the day before. Or what I saw on television, or found on the internet. However, you do not really need a topic or a story in order to blog.
I am shamelessly stealing the name of one of the NewNowNext award categories, for my new blog segment for days like today when I really have nothing to say, but I do want an excuse to post pictures of hot women: Because you’re hot.

Today’s lucky winner is: Kate Walsh.

I miss you Addison, come back to Seattle Grace!

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