Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Cat sitting

I have been cat sitting at my sister’s house for the last few days. For those of you who are not familiar with the term, cat sitting is like baby sitting only with cats. It was alright. I enjoyed staying at her house, and even though I am not a big pet lover, I do like her cats.

The good thing about cats is that, compared to babies or young children, they do not cry, scream or whine, they do not need changing, and generally they leave you alone.

The bad thing about cats is that, just like kids, they like your attention when it is the least convenient. Like when you are on the toilet, or at six in the morning. Also, cats are very very hairy.

I do not know how all you cat owners can stand it. I mean, if you have cats as pets you basically live in a house that is covered in cat hair all the time. Not only your house, but also you are covered in hairs.
Then again, that is my only complaint about cats really. I do not think I will ever have my own pets, but if I did, I could live with cats. Do not get me started on other animals, like dogs. There is no way in hell I could live with a dog.

In fact, a friend and I actually talked about what we would do if the love of our lives happened to have a dog. We honestly were not sure if this was something we could get past.

Even if I could get over it, I would never ever let a dog sleep in my bedroom. It is bad enough waking up in the middle of the night, because a cat is lying on your face.

Yes, I had some fun dilemmas the last few days: either let the cats sleep in bed with me or having them wake me up at six every morning. I discovered I enjoy sleeping in more than I hate having cats in my bed.

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